March 2016
  AW Community Meetings (march)
* New Paintball Game in the world Combat
The "Game On" game is a popular paintball game in the world Combat. The concept consists of a gun fight in which you can ugrade your skills and weapons and in which you can build your own building which can be used as a fort. The game is very popular and the game event is hosted every saturday with nice prizes for the best players. However, the game seemed to be too difficult for new players , which cannot cope with the skilled players, and those players know very well how to win the game.
That's why Ozyseo and Iao Moonshadow have decided to add a new game : the "Paintball Elimination Game". The game is easier to play, with less commands., and not very complex (for instance, there are no teams) and this game should attract new (and more) players.
The world Combat has been expanded from a p20 to a p30-sized world. There is a new area for this Paintball game, and the Combat game area remains for advanced players.
Bot games can be played 24/7 . Only on saturday there is a 1 hour contest with prizes.
You can also play games on your own : there are 2 target ranges and you can play the zombie game in the mall.


* ThePanter957
Dartoren (#411762) will open in march the world "ThePanter957", and the world will be dedicated to his internet radio station, which can be found on the website : www.panther957.com
The radio station, which is specialized in rock music, has been added as well to Maxpoly's radio station network.
* MyAW upgrade
Since the startup in june , the website myaw.us (created by GSK ) has already more than 100 registered users. This is a social networking site, exclusively for Activeworlds users. You can create your own profile, post messages, like posts, add pictures. You can also earn (collect) PTZ (pointz) just by using this website or by winning hosted games in Activeworlds. With those PTZ you can buy nice objects in the store of MyAW, but you can also buy AWcredits. You can also transfer the PTZ to others. For those who host a game, these PTZ can be used as prize money.
The new upgrade of myaw in march has a lot of new features. You can read now all posts without the need of login in. You can add members as "friends". You can setup a privacy level for your profile. You can add a cover image for your profile...etc.
* AWLife maintenance
The other social network, created by MaxPoly , AWLife.org, in still under maintenance since january. This will still last for a while, because the php and myql scripts will be modified. And the result will be a much faster website.
In spite of the maintencance, all awtools for the world Winter can still be used.
If you want to post an event, you can still contact Maxpoly, who will add the events (and picture) for you.
* Make your own video with the Grab Frame Render Plugin
There are several ways of making a video file of the builds in Activewords. And one of them can be found in the Activeworlds menu : the Grab Frame Render Plugin.
Go in the AW menu to : Options > Settings > Addons > Grab Frame Render Plugin > Configuration
Then you will see a 2nd window , at the top you select the video size and quality.
At the bottom you select : "Enable save to files" .
Now click upon "Browse" , and you will see a 3rd window, and now select where you want to store the video file on your computer. And you type a filename with the extension .wmv , for the video that you will make. Now select "save" , and the 3rd window closes.

Then you are back in the 2nd window, press ok and the 2nd window will be closed as well.

Now you are back in the 1st window, now click upon the "Start" button , to start filming. When you have finished, click upon the "Stop" button.
Now browse on your computer and search for the video file , and check for the result :-).
* AW Hotkeys "Cheat Sheet"
HyperAnthony has posted a "cheat sheet" , with an overview of all hotkeys and function keys which can be used in Activeworlds.
Only a few are missing. If you press several times the tab key, and then you can start using the AW menu with the ALT-key . In the menu you can see that each word has 1 letter with underscore. If you press ALT + T , you will open the teleport menu, while ALT + O will open the options menu. If you keep pressing the ALT key, then you can type other letters of words in the submenu . For instandce ALT + T and then R = teleport/remember.
Another hotkey which is useful is CTRL+(mouse)click , which will generate the laserpen.
For terrain elevation you can copy the terrain level to the other cells. After having done CTRL+C (=copy) , you move with your arrow key to the next cell and you type CTRL+B (=paste) (here we used CTRL+B instead of CTRL+V).
* Basic CAVs recovery

Genevieve has made a zip file for basic CAVs (= customized avatar), containing CAV's which you couldn't make anymore with the current AW version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8a9ow5e0svtmhz/BasicCAVs.zip?dl=0

All thats needed is to drag and drop those files into your AW Folder > Presets folder > CAV folder.
* CyAwards and OMG awards
MaxPoly has announced that the CyAwards will be returning this year. This year we have also the alternative OMG Awards made by GSK , the OMG awards ceremony will be hosted on 26th march.
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