Jan.+Feb. 2016
  AW Community Meetings (jan.+feb.)
* Realizations in AW and the AW community during 2015 :
1. Building of the AWEXPO area, the new universe landing zone.
2. Startup of the AW community site awlife.org by Maxpoly
3. Startup of the AW community site myaw.us by GSK with the introduction of PTZ.
4. Object/texture yard extension by TartSugar and Texture City by Ozman and Apooka.
5. A new advanced paintball game in the wold Combat by Ozyseo and Iao Moonshadow, and other new games : Candyland Game by Maxpoly and Deal or no Deal by GSK , Game Expo by OklahomaTraveler .
6. Expansion of building projects Intramuros by Stanly and Happy Valley by TenYearsGone
7. New building projects : Ursine City by Kuma Bear (after the Bleakwood build project ) and the AW Museum by Kenneth and Wisteria Lane by Talon56 and Mel
8. Building events : EBTS 6 and Alpha Halloween hosted by Bach Zhaa and Winter Holiday Village 4 by Maxpoly
9.Startup of new blogspot sites : there is even a blogspot site for the AW community meetings blogspot : http://awc-meeting-minutes.blogspot.com
10. and many other projects and events which you can view upon this website.


* Winter Holiday Village IV
This year's first community meeting was hosted by Maxpoly in the world Winter, where the 4th edition of the Winter Holiday Village was going on. The Winter Holiday Village does not only consists of creating a nice christmas-inspired building in the village, but there is also a building contest with very nice prizes (p20 world - p10 world - aw credits) ( see: Winter 652N 2025E )
Apart from that, there are dance parties on saturday on the Ice Rink and there are also Mind Games and Candyland Games. On 8th and 9th january , there are also 2 parades in the Winter Holiday Village (see calendar).
The Winter Holiday Village Building Contest has been extended until 10th january .After this contest, there is also the Awards Ceremony for the best builders of this contest.
During this first Community Meeting, you could read the chat text messages upon a large sign object .
Read here about the parties, the parade and the winners :


* AW startup problem solved :
Those users which have a computer running on Windows XP or Vista could not start up the AW program since 5th october. Unless they changed the date of their computer. This situation was embarrassing for those users, and finally just before Christmas, the problem has been solved.
Go to the website https://www.activeworlds.com/apps/ and here you will find the find awwebinstaller.exe (installed on the 22nd december). Download and install this program on your computer, and you can start up Activeworlds without any problems.


* Roland, one of Activeworlds co-founders has passed away
Just before Christmas, we heard about the sad news of Roland, who died in a tragic car accident. He has been an employee at the beginning of Activeworlds , and can be considered as one of Activeworlds co-founders. Roland did work afterwards for other companies, and lost contact with Activeworlds. That's why the sad news was known only 6 months after his death..

* Birthdays
During a large part of the first meeting of this year , there has been talked about citizen's birthdays. At the moment we have the building lots, and the monthly birthday parties. As the birthday building team got smaller, there has been discussed about alternatives.
Nursemom takes care of all what concerns birthdays since 2008 , after Barnerbee had left.
You can also view the citizens birthdays on a special Facebook page.
* EBTS 7 - The Extreme Builder Talent Show 7.
The 7th edition of the Extreme Builder Talent Show is hosted by Bach Zhaa in the world Yellow this year. The central area is located in Yellow 1800N 1600W . The EBTS will start officially on the 1st february and will last 8 weeks until 27th march , but everyone can already start as from 17th january after the AW Community Meeting. Then from 28th march until 10th april , all builds will be judged, and finally on 11th april there will be the ETBS 7 ceremony to announce the winners of the contest.
The building lots will be 20x20 cells (just like last year) which equals a p10-sized world, and the theme for this year will be "environments" , which means : cities, towns, caves, artic mountains, space stations, etc.
The building lots are built 10 meters above the terrain level , which makes it possible to build things "underground". Movers and moves are allowed , teams are possible, but teleports away from the site are not allowed.
Yellow world has a closed object path, this means that no objects can be added to the path, and as a consequence AWG's are not allowed. Yellow has very nice Object Yards , especially those of Digigurl and you also have Texture City (by Apooka and Ozman). More info about Yellow's objectpath can be found upon this page : http://www.venice3d.net/2015create37.html.
The EBTS 7 is already a success : on 18th january , only 1 day after the startup , there are already 17 participants !



* Modeling Classes of Wings3d by Keshi

Keshi will be hosting modeling classes in Wings3d , starting in february. Considering the fact that the participants are living in different time zones, there is the plan to make 2 shifts : an early and a late class. Keshi has already her wing3d classes in the world Winter on position 85N 598W , where you can view tutorials for 3 models in the Self-Help Center. But these classes will have a different approach. Send a telegram to Keshi if you are interested in participating at her classes.

Shift 1 : saturday at 2 PM VRT --- Shift 2 : sunday at 8 PM VRT
During each lesson VOIP is used , and slide images are used.
After each lesson, the participants can look again at the slides in the world A!!Vines.
There are also exercises to practice what you have just learned.
* New mapping technique : 'the mapping mover"
If you want to make a map of your world, then you can use this mapping technique, invented by Stanly . And TenYearsGone has posted the technique on Facebook.
The technique is made with the help of a mover object , which is used for making the screenshots. Basic Instructions. Place the mover on the ground in the Northwest corner of your land or world. Then press CTRL F1 to F4 to get the render window alone. Click the mover. It will rise up to 200m then face you down. Take a screen shot at each of the 49 stops covering 300x300 meters.

From the screen shots, select the middle 25 cells which near as I can figure starts at pixel location 632, 281 and select a square area 289x289 pixels. Copy this into another image file. Repeat for each of the 49 screen shots . (or more or less depending on the size of your land or your world.

Stitch the images into a mosaic , or join them together with Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, or another image/texturing program. Here you can also add text (for buildings, roads, regions) or add arrows and circles to the map. In this picture, you can see an example of this mapping technique about a small area of Happy Valley .
You can download the awg-file of the "mapping mover" (surveyor.awg) on the Facebook pages of Happy Valley. Jim Lewies (=TenYearsGone) has posted the message on 2nd january 2016,
* Other ways of world mapping
A lot of world owners have used the utility "MapView", made by Andras. Unfortunately, the utility isn't available anymore on the website, but the application was rather complex too, there was also registry file needed and a objcolor.dat file. Another utility is Wmapper, made by Magine, but the utility is not working well. More useful for world mapping is the Preston Bot, made by ImaGenius and which can be found on the website imabot.com. One of tabsheets of the Prestonbot program shows a world map, but it's a map with dots: each object represents 1 dot upon the world map.
The simpliest way is by making printscreens from a large altitude. You can rise visibility up to 500 meters by modifying the ini-file (see ini-tweaks). This makes it possible to make a map with less printscreen-pictures. For instance for making the world map of the world Regina , which is a p40 world, there were only 16 screenshots needed.
* SMART TV upgrade
GSK has made an upgrade for the Smart TV, which he has developed last year. Smart TV contains a webpage menu of useful icons to other websites.
Copy and paste this command onto a pictwll-series object anywhere in ActiveWorlds to start using Smart TV:
create picture http://myaw.us/stv/main.jpg;activate web url=http://myaw.us/stv sw=1920 sh=1080 keys=on nonav
You can also scale the image size of the TV into other dimensions.
* Magine's RPG bot
Magine , which offers the popular Magsbot, is also offering now the PRG bot for free. Go to the website http://www.turtleflight.com/ and download this if you want to use it.
* Building disabled in AWTeen
Since december , there is a registry issue in the world AWTeen, and as a consequence anyone can build on anyone else's property, which is not desired by any builder in AWTeen.
The current solution is that building has been disabled in AWTeen.GSK has become now the new CT (caretaker) of the world AWTeen.
In fact a new registry would be needed , but FTP access has not been granted. At the moment, GSK is trying to look for another solution : maybe a new building bot can solve the problem.
* OMG awards 2016
The nominations for the OMG awards (hosted by GSK) have been closed on 31th december.The main webpage http://network.myaw.us/events/omg-awards-2016/ , is where you could add nominations.
You can still view the nominations on the webpage : http://myaw.us/omg.php.
From the 18th until 29th january; you can vote here for your favourite nominations, on this webpage : omg.myaw.us .

The ceremony for the winners of the OMG awards 2016 will be hosted in AWTeen in the Martian Stadium 517S 416W - on 20th march @ 8 PM VRT.