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  ToTheTop in AW-Europe

In AW-Europe you have a nice game in the world ToTheTop. The game consists of playing with 10 counters which you have to bring to the top. Each time you will get 1 point for that, the winner is the one who is the first to bring all 10 counters to the top.Usually this is after 10-14 days. The game board has been built upon a hill , which is surround by 64 starting points for 64 players. Each player has 10 counters, a dice, a pole with dice turns, and a cube with your name and your score. You can choose your personal colours (in 1 corner of the game board).

In order to get to the top, you need to throw with dices, every player starts with 25 dices. (=turns for playing with the dices). Every hour you get a new dice to play with, which means that after 1 day you have again 24 new dices to play with..But you can also borrow up to 20 dices at the bank. For every 5 dices you borrow, you have to pay back 6 dices. If you borrow at the bank then you will have a second pole with red dices, which means that you can go up to 24 red dices . Every hour you get a new dice to play with, but if you have borrowed at the bank, then the red dices need to disappear first. Then the pole with the red dices will disappear again. But In fact , you can continue borrowing dices at the bank, even before all dices have been paid back (and stay in red) !! Only when you finish playing (with your 10th counter), you first need to pay back to the bank and wait until you have no red dices anymore.

While going to the top with your counters , you will see blue cones , green cones, tunnels and numbers. Blue cones are blocking you to go up to the top. By throwing the exact number of spaces with your dice, you can conquer the blue cones and then put them in front of your opponents. Green cones are protections : your opponents can conquer your counter(s), in this case you need to restart from below. Unless you have put a green cone upon your counter. If you see green cones in the neighbourhoud, then try to conquer them, because they will protect your counters before they have reached the top. Tunnels can bring you quickly to the top : on the game board there are 16 tunnels (indicated with letters A till H). The tunnel entry brings you to the tunnel exit for the corresponding letter. You can always click upon the tunnel entries and see where you will arrive. Finally you also have spaces with numbers : these are extra dices turns which you will get if you conquer these numbers : number 9 will give you 9 extra dice turns. Every 35 dice throws, the gamebot will add on the gameboard 1 green cone and 2 spaces with numbers for extra dices.

After having played your dices, you return the next day (or longer) until you have enough dices to play with. And you contine playing again. After 2 or 3 weeks you will have finished playing, the best players can finish the game in 10 days.

There is also a scoreboard with the points and in 1 corner of the gameboard you will find a diagram showing the number of spaces each player needs to play before reaching the top with all 10 counters. Finally you have the scores history, which is located under the hill. The first game has been started in may 2010 and is still re-starting every month again on the first day of each month. The game is developed by Fritsr and he uses a gamebot which he has programmed himself.

  Games area in Nuovita

The italian galaxy Nuovita still uses today the AW version 3.6 , but in spite of that, there are several advanced games. Some games you can play on your own ( Mahjongg, Slot Machine), some games can be played with 1 or 2 ( the fruit Memory game, Mastermind ), and for some games , you have to be with 2 persons to play ( Othello, Forza 4, Battaglia and the Bingo Lottery ) . The game area can be found on position 8S 9W.