RAW * Riders of AlphaWorld


20 th august - This time Genevieve's R.AW. Club explored the town Eternicity. For this occasion , the event was hosted at 4PM VRT instead of 9PM VRT , so that citizens from other time zones could participate at the event as well.
The ride started on position 13000N 15665E , you have to raise up, so that you could move forward faster. Then press the Auto Walk button up north until 14087N , then we turned to the west until 14146E. Finally we reached the town Eternicity on position 14087N 14146E.

Eternicity consists of futuristic and large buildings, and the whole town has been built by Darkmatter (#342319) . You will find buildings created this year, but also buildings from 2001, so the has been continued building here for 15 years !!On position 14091N 14125E you will find the Colossus. We even drove with our motorbikes inside a dance hall.
Another huge buildin was a replica of the Tyrell Corporation Building from the Blade Runner Movie , on position 14076N 14087E . With visibility higher then 200 meters, you can make a complete screenshot of this amazing huge building. You can also see the elevators moving up and down. Then the tour went furher south . On position 13988N 14128E you will find the Dark Night Club. ( see picture from october 2015 event : http://www.venice3d.net/2015events59.html )

14076N 14087E
14072N 14111E
On position 14013N 14098E you will find a nice palace. The most spectacular spot is the Ballroom of the palace on position 14019N 14086E.
For the reflection of the marble floor , 2 building techniques were used. First you build the floor with marble texture and then you use opacity command and the floor becomes transparant. For the reflection on the floor, you will find an inverted replica of the building below the floor. Just check it by flying with the shift key through the floor.
Some of the people during this event : Darkmatter; Genevieve, Mel , Beauty , Panne, Memyself, Professor Vegas, Enkii , The King David and Astroh.