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  Bach Zhaa's working farm


14th august - Before the days of summer pass many of us by it is time to visit Bach Zhaa's working farm. With the many special effects that are found at this location, there should be something new for each one of us to see .The entry point for this R.A.W. tour is at 6136N 2560W (Alphaworld) and from there we will head west to reach the farm.
There will be many interactive activities once we reach the farm so the tour will allow plenty of time to do so. You will be able to learn how to raise a barn, paint fences, plant and process your own food, and even sit down to enjoy your own harvest. After a hard day of work, you can enjoy the luxury of a hot shower before you step out to watch the changes in the scenery that surrounds you.

We finally reach Bach Zhaa's farm on position 6204N 3079W .
First thing we notice at the farm entrance is that you can create fences, weather , terrain, and trees with 1 mouseclick on these panels. More spectacular is by clicking upon the "barn" sign : the barn will be created automatically step-by-step in half a minute.
There was also the possibility of growing your own crops. You could choose between sowing spinach, tomatoes and red peppers. Then you had to start clicking the buttons in front of the crop field (e.g. giving water), and suddenly you could see the crops growing.
Also inside the farm house , there were things to explore , like opening a can of spinach and cook it, there was a candid camera , the toilet had a "movable seat" and you could take a "working" shower.
But that is not the end .....Bach Zhaa still had a second farm a little bit further away.

Bach Zhaa's second farm is on position 6148N 3222W 3A .
This farm has also crop fields , but also a wide range of farm animals.
This area has more weather functions, like tree shadows for sunny weather, the creation of rain with a grey sky, and even tornado's.
Inside the small farm house , you could read interactive books .
People on this event (and on the pictures !) : Genevieve, Memyself, Panne, Jynx o , Bach Zhaa, Darkmatter, Sir Squeeky o, Beauty, LazySuzy o , FireEagle , Mondo , Newjundiaius, Fennec, Rita Lauti and Lieber.