EBTS 7 - Extreme builders talent show 7


The 7th EBTS contest (Extreme Builders Talent Show) was hosted by Bach Zhaa in the world Yellow on position 1800N 1600W.
The building contest started officially on 1st february and ended on 27th march. There were 30 participants. And there was a team of 10 people to do the judging.The prizes donations for the 3 winners were AWcredits, a 3d world and extra PTZ.
There were again some high qualified builds. These people were announced to be the winners :
1. Apooka - Terra Incognita Station Una
2. Stanly - GoldnSilver mine
3. Kenneth - Water Park and Cavern Paradise

1. Apooka (#363660) - Terra Incognita Station Una

Apooka's build is about an environment outer space somewhere on an icy planet. The sky was made with a mix of colours as if it was arctic polar light. The scene was built around a kind of small research station with all comfort inside, from where you could do an artic mission and explore this unknown world (="terra incognita").

By clicking upon the avatars, you will see in the chat window what they have to tell, this way you will have a whole storyline and this will help you to explore this place better. You can start using the truck mover and follow the road to the research station. One place you should certainly explore are the ice caves.

2. Stanley (#299665) - GoldnSilver mine

We know that Stanly is an excellent builder, certainly concerning realistic copies of ancient builds, by choosing the right materials for walls , grasses , rock, etc. This time Stanly chose to make a a lost mining settlement. The GoldnSilver mine contains a small village (shops, police station),and a cascade with waterwheel for the mining mechanisms. From the stamp mill ,where all the minded rocks are crushed, there is a railway leading to the mine, for the transport of rocks with the precious metals. At the entrance of the mine , you could wear a miners lamp helmet mover, and explore the inside of the mine caves, where you could perhaps find some gold and silver yourself. For landscaping, the shear command has been used . Read more about this building technique : http://www.venice3d.net/2016create41.html

3. Kenneth (#313432) - Water Park and Cavern Paradise

Kenneth build contains several things to try out here : Rapids Toobin' Adventure, Crystal Falls Waterslide, and River Tube Ride. Besides exploring, you could also search in the Caves: for the Golden Crystal Of Light and The Chest of Gold.

Whereas Stanly choses very realistic builds , Kenneth has chosen for unusual and fantastic textures ,and with all kinds of environmental special effects , animations and sounds. When entering the pyramids , you enter in a kind of caves (you hear dropping water, you see bats flying around) . From there you go to the other pyramid mountain via a suspension bridge, where you enter into crystal caves.

Memyself (#404922) - Ocean exploring

Also one of the top buildings, but not in the top 3 is the ocean exploring made by Memyself. When entering you hear the sound of the ocean stream. And you can wear a dive suit mover for exploring this ocean environment. The cloth funtion is used to imitate the movement of the plants in the ocean stream. Other plants that you can find is coral. And all kind of seacreatures where composed by using simple prim objects and other geometrical objects : crabs, a squid, a manta, a seastar, a skeleton of a whale,...etc.

Highwayman (#344338) - Dutchman's Gold Mine

Highwayman's build is at first sight a mine with a network of corridors , with lots of torches, almost a real maze, but finally arriving into 2 large dance halls, in which you will find a streaming video of the best german disco hits of the late 70s. Apart form that , you can click upon a various number of buttons, for making all kinds of animations and light effects upon the dancefloor. Nice build, but not in the top 10 , the disco is maybe not discovered by the judges:).

TenYearsGone (#378183) - Card Collector gane

TenYearsGone had build at first sight a village with wooden frame houses , a bit in medieval style. Already nice to see, but in fact this village is part of a card game that he has developed. In nearly every house you can collect cards by selecting certain buttons, there are also avatars which can give you useful information about that cards, and you also have some audio files telling you how to play certain parts of the card game.


Gremot (#364307)

Gremot did build few things on this building lot, maybe it was still unfinished. But you can see that the small house has been made with the prim objects,e.g. the curved roof was made with object w1crv_0500i.rwx.

The windows inside the plain curve wall has been made with opacity . First by giving an opacity of 0.99 to that curve, and then he added windows with opacity 0.2 .Finally he added the window frame. Read more about this opacity technique on : http://www.venice3d.net/2016create44.html.


Ozyseo (#368259) - Rainbow Club

Ozyseo did also build a dance hall. For this he also used the prim objects.
w1s45_j.rwx *** create texture mc-metal8,matfx type=4 tex=ksilver
In addition to that, Ozyseo used particle emitters , and he used spheres with gravity commands and color light effects commands and made these spheres invisible, causing a constant reflection of colours upon the silvermetal walls.
Ozyseo added also flying ribbons , created by using the cloth command function.
The rainbow colours were present everywhere in the dance club.