The explorers Club

09 January - The first explorers club event of 2016 (and the 25th since the explorers club has started) went to Intramuros, this whole building area is made by Stanly (#299665) and represents the old town of Manila (in the Philippines) in the 19th and 20th century during the spanish colonial period . The buildings are made into perfection, and as a consequence the whole building area looks very realistic. The explorers club event is hosted by Keshi , and during this event we could hear ethnic music while exploring the area. Intramuros is located in the world America ,and at the entry point , you have a teleport to 236S 149W.

Stanly is already an AW citizen since 1999 and stayed until 2002 . He returned in 2007 and learned then his advanced building techniques , and most of his builds can be found in the worlds Alphaworld, Winter and America. Intramuros is located in the world America, perhaps because this world has a wider range of models and textures.

Early builds of Stanly might have been alien or mythical in nature or even a ship or two, but over time the builds turned to more modern traditional architecture and objects from the 19th and 20th century mostly. He is also a 3d modeler by trade and accomplished in producing 3d renders and using 3d Studio Max. Many citizens never get to see this talented citizen online as he is in a timezone across the world some 12 hours different than the VRT time. Stanly regularly posts pictures about his builds on the AW Facebook group or in MyAW .

Stanly's Intramuros Build in America is large and amazing. It is a recreation of a Philippine walled city from pre WWII made from viewing over 500 pictures and endless reading and hours of researching and cataloging the different buildings there.The build creates an entire feeling of the environment of a city that now stands in ruins or was totally destroyed.

Intramuros means "within the walls" in spanish , in fact is the the old town of Manila, surrounded by a fortress, so you can call it "the walled city" and it represents Manila prior to the 1930s. After teleporting in the world America to Intramuros, you will arrive at position 236S 149W. When leaving the building, you will find a small info desk (info Plaza) where you can see that Stanly made his Intramuros building area based upon old pictures, because the old town has been destroyed during World War II by the Japanese.

And you can also find here a map of Intramuros, where you can see that this is a large building area going from 240S 90W till 330S 90W in the east and until 215W in the west. This means approximately 10.000 building cells which equals a P50 world. In fact you should turn the map upside down, because the starting point at 236S 149W is located at the south of this map, and in the 3d world , you will see that you must go south (instead of going north).

Stanly is only building the philippine/spanish theme in this area

Intramuros is a large project, which is already taking over 2 years now and is far from finished. Many buildings are not entirely completed , and there are a lot of open spaces.

Sometimes the buildings have only the facades without any interior floors or inner walls, or even only with the basic structure. The reason for that is because Intramuros is built after old photos. If there is a gap , the reason could be that there is no picture of the ancient build for that location. Upon this picture (at the right) you can see that Stanly is displaying an old picture and remakes this bridge based upon the old picture.

The buildings of Stanley are focused upon the views from outside , but the streets are lined with them. Therefore walking is recommended if you want to see perfect views.

You will find nice details everywhere, like the shadow of the trees upon the ground , tracks in the sand by the traffic of carriages, electicity poles,exotic plants and flowers, waving flags made with the cloth command.

If you are lucky you will find an animated bridge . Some carriages are also movers, so you can ride with them, and a few of the cannons of the fort are still operational.

As we told already, Stanly is also a modeler, he uses modeling programs like TrueSpace6 and 3ds Max and is also learning Blender now. A lot of models have been modeled by Stanly himself and were upload to the object path of America world, like e.g. the gas and electricity lamps and the powerpole set , the horse carriages, and the cannons.

Inside the walls of the fortress, we find a wide variety of colonial buildings, nice parks, and churches. Appropriate textures have been used , such as stucco, old walls, and concrete.

Note also that the bells rings in the bell tower of San Agustine church which is the orange tinted church with grey lining, ringing once an hour on the hour via VRT.

Further south (=north on the Intramuros map), outside the fort walls, you will find a large river with nice bridges and several ancient industrial buildings and colonial villas.

Some people during this event : Keshi , Stanly, Dodgy, CableCar Gal, FreddysDen, Desgros3D, OldKunnel, SaintlyMic , TenYearsGone, Panne, Mel, Illumex, Ciena, and SteveForFaith.

If you want to see more builds of Stanley, then you can go to AW 3881S 3994E , where he has made a teleport center of his builds. The most remarkable is located in AW 10255N 30929E , this huge and amazing building area is called Puerta de San Jackelyn , but that will be another exploration event...

Stanly has also his own website : http://www.davidcooper.com.au/ , where you will find many pictures of his builds, and he also offers some of his models for sale : http://www.davidcooper.com.au/aw/models/aw_models.htm .