december 2016
  Cross Words and Memory Puzzle

This new game has been created by Panne (#365962) and is hosted in his world Venice3d. The every player has to play in turn and choose 2 numbers on the game board, below the numbers you will find either a letter, which is a part of a word , or a picture or symbol , which is part of the memory game. The game ends until all the numbers on the game board have been revealed.

  october 2016
  Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of the most popular themes in Activeworlds, it's the time of creating scary places, horryfying avatars and spooky parties. There was again a building event with a Halloween parade, and this year, there was also a Halloween costume contest.

  september 2016
  The Legend of Marco Polo

This event was hosted by the french speaking community of Activeworlds during the whole month of september. The event consisted of 7 worlds participating , each with a different quest game, and for which the participants had to search for a quest word or phrase. The quest game could be a puzzle, a riddle , images, or things you have to search inside the world.

  august 2016
  The Riders of AlphaWorld (RAW) 

Genevieve (#281719) has started up a new kind of event in may 2016 , which turned out to be a success. The events concerns making explorations in Alphaworld with bike movers.....The R.A.W. Motorbikers Club. also called The Riders of Alphaworld. Custom made bikes have been created in the AWExpo mover park (7747S 1401E ) and are provided to all who wish to participate.

  august 2016
  ZooKeeper game

The ZooKeeper game is a boardgame created by Maxpoly  (#299422), Bach Zhaa and MeMyself. The game was introduced during the Activeworlds birthday week in july.

The game is similar to the Candyland game, you also need to walk with your avatar upon the gameboard, but here you have Zoo animals instead. The largest difference that you play here with a large spinning wheel instead of cards. The game has more advanced functions and is easier to play. The entrance to the ZooKeeper boardgame is located in the world Winter on position 734N 1858E 1A.

  august 2016
  Candyland game

The Candyland game is a gameboard and has been created by Bach Zhaa in the world Winter . The gamebot is made by Maxpoly (#299422) .The first gameboard was created in march 2015 , in 2016 a new gameboard was made on position 650N 1966E.

The game is very succesfull and consists of playing with cards with a colour on it. The players proceed walking on the candybar line based upon the colour of their card.
The gamer who reaches first the end of the candybar line is the winner of the game. The game is hosted every week, and there are tournaments : when a gamer wins 5 games, he/she gets a nice prize. Then a new tournaments starts again...

  july 2016
  Bot Classes
Karten has already started in may with Bot Classes in the world ReginaUP, and these bot classes will be hosted twice a month on sunday, 2 hours before start of the AWCommunity Meeting.
During the bot classes, Karten will talk to you about how to start using bots, and where you can download the bots. He will explain which are the most popular bots, and which functionalities and purposes they have ( advantages and disadvantages). The main purpose of the classes is talking about the bots and learn from it.

  july 2016
  AW Anniversary party
We celebrated the 21st birthday of Activeworlds, with games (hunt game, zookeeper game,...) , a parade and parties. And traditionally there is always a community picture.
This year we had a lot of new citizens and former citizens which had returned to AW,so that we have now a community picture with 160 citizens.

  june 2016
  Hunt games
After the succesful introducation of the Egghunt game in april in the AW Landing zone, the return of the huntbot is very promising for the Activeworlds Community. The hunt game is fun for the players , but is also fun for the world owners or citizens which are hosting the game. Some world owners haven't waited to use Strike Rapier's hunt bot. The only thing they needed to do in order to enable the huntbot, was giving bot rights and caretaker rights in the participating world.
The world Singalot hosted a coin hunt on 29th of May.
The world Poetic hosted a parcel hunt on 25th and 26th of June.

  may 2016
  IMaxI Theater
Maxpoly has created the IMaxI theater in the world AWReunion on position 400N 400W. The theater is located in front of the Mind Games building , another great creation of MaxPoly. The IMAXI Theater will be used to show Featured Films and Classics and Some TV Shows. Each sunday at 10 PM VRT they will be a movie special ....

  may 2016
  Wings3d Classes
Keshi has hosted a series of modelling classes with the program Wings3d .
This lessons are the perfect occasion for citizens which want to learn using the freeware modelling program Wings3d with the help of Keshi as a teacher, instead of having to learn it all by themselves.

Wings3d is easy in use, compared to the other popular modeling programs and it has an excellent UVmapping program for putting the textures upon the model.

  20th april 2016
  Huntbot reintroduced
The huntbot is back in Activeworlds after several years of absence. Strike Rapier has introduced a new huntbot that works pretty well. Bach Zhaa did not hesitate and introduced the new hunt game on 20th april in the AWExpo area .
The hunt game is very simple : for this hunt game , you need to click upon golden eggs.

There are 50 golden eggs hidden in the AWExpo area (the area inside the trolley railway area). The 5 quickiest players to find the 50 eggs win a nice prize ...

After the Bingo has been reintroduced 2 weeks ago , this is the second good news for Activeworlds, now that we can also host the hunt games again.

  16th april 2016
  EBTS 7 - Announcement of the winners
On 16th april at 9 PM VRT there was the final announcement of the winners of the 7th EBTS contest (Extreme Builders Talent Show). So everyone who was involved went to the world Yellow 1800N 1600W to know the results. 
The building contest started officially on 1st february and ended on 27th march. Then there were 2 weeks of judging. There were 10 judges to do this.

Among the 30 participants, there were again some high qualified builds. After the announcement of the 3 winners, everyone was invited to visit the builds together.

  10th till 17th april 2016
  Amazing MaXGigaBash Party
Maxpoly had his 60th birthday and for this occasion he has hosted a birthday Party week under the name "MaXGigaBash". The party week took place in the world AWMix07 all week long in the party building "The Blues Factory".
The party week consisted of Live concerts, recorded concerts, a retro episode movie of Dr.Who, Mind Games , and of course also dance events.

  26th march 2016
  OMG! Awards Ceremony
The OMG! 2016 Awards Ceremony had been postponed a few times, but finally GSK has hosted this event on saturday 26th march in Alphaworld near the AWExpo area, on position 7761S 1394E. The OMG! awards are an alternative for the CYAwards, which have been hosted already for many years . A lot a citizens had come to the OMG Awards Ceremony, as there were a lot of categories and a lot of nominations.

  20th february 2016
  Pic Game
A lot of ancient citizens have returned to Activeworlds lately. One of this citzens is Ramius (#339945) and he has decided also to resume a game that he had hosted many years before. The game is called the Pic Game, and it consists of rebus pictures, and the players need to guess as quickly as possible what each picture represents...

  January Parties
Activeworlds remains fascinating thanks to the many parties and events .Mel continues with hosting her TGIF parties on different locations in Activeworlds. And this also is the occasion to show you here a wider variety of pictures.
* 8th january : TGIF party in Castle Spam-a-Lot 
* 15th january : TGIF party in AW Game Expo
* 22nd january : TGIF in Yellow EBTS 7
* 29th january : TGIF in Keppler22b
* 30th january : Beach Party in AWReunion

  28th nov.2015 - 16th jan.2016
  Winter Holiday Village IV
The 4th edition of Winter Holiday Village building contest started on 28th november 2015 and ended on 10th january 2016. This time the building contest was in the same area as the previous contest. And the theme for this contest was "The Village Commons, Crafts and Tradesman".
The Awards Ceremony was on 16th january and everyone gathered around the tower clock.