Action commands
1. Uniform scaling
Before the scale command was introduced in Activeworlds, modelers offered their objects for sale in different sizes. But now, with the scale command you can scale the objects up to 5 times larger or 5 times smaller (=0.2). If you put a larger or smaller value (e.g scale 6 or 0.1 or -0.5 ) then the will only be scaled up to the maximum or minimum.
create scale 2
create scale 0.25
In this example the large cube has double sizes as the original cube . (=scale 2)
The scaled cube is 1/4 in size as the original cube (25 percent). (= scale 0.25)
The scaling is applied to the X Y and Z axis of the model. You will have the same scaling if you repeat this for the 3 axises , but you don't need to type excessive information (you will only have a lower cell limit for that building cell).
create scale 0.25 0.25 0.25


2. Scale and transform
We have just seen the scaling is applied on the 3 axises of the model, if you scale each axis of the model differently ,then the model will be transformed and will be a rectangular cube or even a bar.
create scale 2 1 1
create scale 5 0.2 0.2
This scaling is very useful for building : if you have a gap between some objects, you can adjust this by scaling the model.
3a. Animations with scale : moving scale
create scale 2 1 2 time=2 wait=1 smooth loop sync
create scale 0.2 time=2 wait=1 smooth loop sync
In this animation, you will see that the mushroom expands and shrinks again. But you can also make the animation more slowly and make it reset :
create scale 3 time=30 smooth loop reset
create scale 3 1.5 3 time=20 smooth loop reset
create scale 1 3 1 time=20 smooth loop reset
Read more about it on the AW Wiki pages :
3b. Animations with scale : activate scale
Another animation you can make is with "activate scale". In Digigurl's demo yard , in the world Yellow 703N 953E , we have an example for curtains:
create texture eggmat3 mask=semitrans05,solid no;activate scale 1 2 time=3 wait=5 global
On position Yellow 696N 950E , you have a demo of this stage designed by Maxpoly.
create texture woodpost tag=1
activate media tag=200 global res=1024 radius=120 osd=no url=http://tunablues.com/movies/yellowstone3.wmv ;create picture monolith.jpg, texture ch-fabric tag=1 ,name shell
When clicking upon the stage object itself, you will see a video animation, but now we will look for the curtains animation....The animation consists of 2 curtains, 1 curtain opens to the left, the other one open to the right.
create name crt-l ; activate scale .2 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-l smooth,scale .2 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-r smooth,astart cc global
The action command is rather long, because for the name command, you need to open the other curtain . For the right curtain :
create name crt-r ; activate scale .2 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-l smooth,scale .2 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-r smooth ,astart cc global
As soon as you click upon 1 of the 2 curtains , the scale animation will start. When the curtains are open, they are replaced by other curtains (ending with "c"->="close"). And also with other commands : when clicking now, the curtains will close again.
create name crt-lc,visible no; activate scale 5 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-lc smooth,scale 5 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-rc smooth,astart co global
And for the right curtain (here also the texture is added) :
create name crt-rc,visible no; activate scale 5 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-lc smooth,scale 5 1 1 time=10 wait=9e9 name=crt-rc smooth, texture ch-fabric tag=1 ,astart co global

So, in fact there have been used 4 curtains in total for this animation. You can also go the world Freebie 13N 2W , here you can dowload Maxpoly's stage for free, and you can add all kinds of textures to the stage

A nice application of moving scale , is enlarging small pictures. Some pictures are images with text , and sometimes it is useful to read the text in an enlarged view.
ccreate picture http://www.venice3d.net/images/build121.jpg ; activate scale 3 time=3 wait=20 global
In this example, the image is enlarged during 20 seconds.