Worlds overview

Activeworlds already exists for 20 years now, and in this article you will find a list of all interesting websites related to Activeworlds


The website has been started up this year and is made by Maxpoly (#299422).

This is a social network website for Activewords users only. You can make your own profile, add friends, and there is a "selfie maker". You can add messages, blogs, pictures, videos ...etc. In addition to that you have also a menu with world tools, some of which are especially for the world Winter. (picture uploader, chat window, winter toolbar , color chart).

You can also build a pîctwll with this command line :
create name web0,picture awlife.org/pct/awl-activitys.jpg;activate web sw=800 sh=800 url=awlife.org/eventboard3.php name=web0 nonav
In this case you will see a presentation of the events which have been added by the members of the website. Every 15 seconds you see another image.
This website has also been started up this year and is made by GSK (#348037).
This is also a social network website for Activeworlds users only, but with a different approach.
Here you can also make your own profile, add friends, make blogs, pictures, ..etc.
In addition to that you can earn or gain PTZ , which are "pointz". With those PTZ you can buy prizes in the shop. You can earn/win PTZ by participating/winning in the games organized in Activeworlds, but also by entering the website, adding messages and pictures, adding friends, etc .
http://network.myaw.us/ -> = the social network part of the site
http://calendar.myaw.us/ -> = the events calendar
http://warehouse.myaw.us/ -> = resources and information
http://buzztv.me/ ->= streaming media site for games in activeworlds.
http://myaw.us/smarttv/ ->=media applications for activeworlds
This website is a part of the webstite Awcommunity.org and is called "Objects d'Activeworlds" and supports the world Objectsd' , where the objects are displayed. This website is an older website (2002) has been maintained by various citizens, and contain a wide range of freeware objects and avatars. There are also links pages for other objects and for tutorials , but a lot of the websites don't exist anymore.
This older website (updated until 2004) contains information bots and utilities like : Demeter (terrain editor), Paintball, AWUtility , Vote Bot, and World Controller Script
website disabled in autumn 2015
This site is owned by Neophile (#352759) and is written in french. There is information concerning Xelagot bot and Chat Global which is based upon Xelagot. Unfortunately the download links are missing, you can only download BackupAW for AW 3.6. And you can download an avatar.
website disabled in autumn 2015
This is the website of the world Gala , this world was popular world between 2004 and 2006. The world has gone but the website still exists and is written in french. The are also several pages with free textures . You can also view pictures and a world map of this unique "foggy" world.
Here you will find the editions of the Gala newspapers : .http://www.gala-3d.net/galazette/index.php
Website in 4 languages (english-french-dutch-italian) and with free models and free textures, several tutorials and with some utilities. The sitemap contains 3 pages : https://www.alterlinks.com/sitemap.php
There is info about : cobtorwx , make an rwx file , and other conversions, building in Activeworlds, world configuration, texture tutorials ,...etc.
The site was more popular before , when you could buy a virtual world in Activeworlds or buy world hosting on this website.
This is the website of Arsène (#152438) is written in french and he owns the world Français. On the page http://www.hypsone.ch/liens01.html you can find some useful links. Or also http://www.hypsone.ch/favoris01.html
This is the website of MRRM (#365377) for his old world Chateau
Contains some jpgs and midis about lyrical myrical JLB's Woodstock build.
Forum webpage for the world AWMyths, which is an RPG world (Role Playing Game). The forum is hosted by Rumpelstilkin(#360544) , who is a previous staff member , so this site isn't updated since dec.2014. AWMyths is hosted by Garrick (#354110) , and he has started up a new website, a new forum and a Facebook group for AWMyths:
Website owned by Derrick W(#12732) and supports the wold "DAAP" (=Design Architecture Art and Planning) . This world is about virtual sculpting and the world DAAP hosts the biennale "Instersculpt". This event has been organized every 2 years since 1999 , last biennale was in 2011.
This webpage is the site for the online radio with multiple radio stations , and contains the radio stations of AW citizens and other popular (citizen requested) internet radio stations. This has been designed by Maxpoly (#299422) in august 2014. (read new article 33 in these AWTimes to read how to use the application.). Virlands Media Networks is the radio station of Maxpoly (#299422) .
PKToons (= PeaceKeeperToons) is an internet radio station owned by Class 3 (#288391) and can be heard in the world AWMix07.
America's radio station
This is the radio station of Ciena (#270697) who is from the staff of the world America.
RJB is the radio station of Dovestar(#278411) .
On this page you can download OzySeo's Toolbot as wel as Xelagot. The toolbot developed by OzySeo (#368259) can be used for advanced building: http://rjbradio.com/ozyseo/
This is the internet radio station "NMWAW" of Nursemom(#304857) and Woody. (#321492) and the radio can be heard in various worlds (Woodyard, AWReunion, etc.)
website disabled in autumn 2015
Terra.Libre radio station is owned by Bukka (#301389) and he owns also the world TerraLibre and the radio station is also on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/terralibreradio
This is the website of Prometheo (#330574) who is from Italy and who owns the multilingual world Hyria , and contains lots of historical buildings.Another name for Hyria is also Oria, Oria is a town located in the southeast corner of Italy. There is also a Youtube Channel with several movies : https://www.youtube.com/user/hyria3d
Hyria was open from 2003 until 2008 and reopened in november 2014. http://wiki.activeworlds.com/index.php?title=Hyria . There is still another webpage: http://hirya.altervista.org/ , where you will find a mask & animation tutorial (in english,spanish and italian).
website disabled in autumn 2015
This is the website of Belladora (#189476) , and she is an artist. On the main page you can view some of her paintings. In 2003 she has started the galaxy "Castles", today you can visit her paintings in the world Belladora. http://www.belladora.com/castles.html
Website made by Eep (#198374) (updated until 2007), with detailed info about Renderware scripting, also about (see site index) exporters, viewers, texturemappers and converter programs , one of those is :
There is also a website about Activeworlds : http://www.tnlc.com/eep/aw/ and the links will bring you to various information webpages : polygons, object manipulation, textures, converters, avatars.
Eep owned the world Cubed together with Lara and Mauz. http://www.tnlc.com/cubed/ . and the world Hole, which still exists . http://www.tnlc.com/cubed/hole.html and http://www.tnlc.com/cubed/holemap.html
Eep is interested in all kinds of 3d games (see this wikipage:) http://www.tnlc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
This website has a wide range of payware and freeware objects. Also a wide range of textures and skyboxes. There are tutorials about making skyboxes with Terragen and with Bryce. http://3delyvisions.co/skf1.htm
This is the website of Astroh (#349251) and is written in french. On the main page you have a picture of Alphaworld. When clicking upon this page you will find a larger map of Alphaworld at zoom level 4 consisting of 165 pictures from the Alphamapper website (=Imabot) .
In Alphaworld , on location 2300N 3200E 3A , Astroh has used pictures at zoom level 8 from the Alphamapper website.
Read more on page : Alphamapper re-discovered
Website about the world AWSource
This website of Dr.Squailboont(#314753) contains 2 bot programs
Hermes is useful for having global chat in the world, and you can see who enters and leaves the world. Activeworlds has introduced the chat channels , but the Hermes bot still remains useful.
Demeter is a terrain editor program. Here you will find several webpages about how to use the bot program.
Webpage not really about Activeworlds, but about several modeling and texturing programs, like Poser, DAZ, Blacksmith3d,etc . Loginname required if you want to view all pages , but some pages can be viewed directly : e.g. Tutorials > What's new /and: / Most Viewed . You can also find some freeware objects modeled by Talon56(#352490).


This is the website of TartSugar (# ) . She has made 3 huge yards in Alphaworld
object yard --- 27430S 12595E
texture yard --- 27370S 12646E
jpg yard --- 267N 1900W.
The worlds Amigos concern some spanish spoken worlds in Activeworlds. , these worlds don't exist anymore today, but the website is still online.
The world Amigos3 was the most popular world, it was a p100 building world, and you can still view lots of pictures, the world map, the caretakers training program, the world history, the avatars in use. And there are also help pages in spanish
Small website containing a few free objects and avatars.
Website made by Sidris (#88530) containing lots of textures. Also screenshots about events in 2012 and 2013.
Blog site by Zephyr Fox (#409002) started up in june 2015. Very complete blog site with pictures, chat logs of events, explorations, interviews, building tips, etc.
Zephyr Fox (#409002) made a seperate blog site in aug.2015 for the chatlogs of the AW Community meetings
Dovestar(#278411) brings useful information and also video tutorials about applications for Activeworlds
website with models and textures
The Isle of Minutia : Minutia is in the AW worlds list , and is alos still existing as a seperate galaxy
Blog website, part of which is dedicated to Activeworlds
Supporting website with the game rules of the world Citbingo.
archived website about alphamapper
This blog website is made by Hyper Anthony (#350539) since 2011 ,and contains blogs about building ideas , useful tips and tutorials , and also downloads of awg files and utilities.
The universe L3D has been disabled in september , the content below has gone and is replaced by an overview of 10 years activities with L3D.
http://www.l3d.nl/truespace -> on this webpage (dutch) you can still download truespace , and you will find some tutorial pages as well.
this page contains building tutorials and also truespace modeling tutorials
http://blog.l3d.nl/ -> blog page (dutch)
http://www.3dwiki.nl/wiki/3Dwiki -> wiki page (dutch)
Here you will find a dem2rwx tutorial
'Old' website (1999), but still with interesting information about e.g. how to make a teleport map.
Website made by Tunablues and Dreamer2 about Offworld, located in Alphaworld on position 31554N 31554E (founded in 2004)
There is also a blogspot site about Offworld (posts from 2005 till 2009)
This is the website of Maya , who is citizen in the AW-Europe universe, and she makes her own models, some of which you can download.