Oct.+Nov.+Dec. 2015
  AW Community Meetings (oct.+nov.+dec.)
For detailed information about the Community Meetings, read the blog site :
*Activeworlds Startup problems for XP ,Vista and OS X users
The day after the community meeting of 4th october, a large number of users couldn't start up Activeworlds anymore : all Windows XP and Vista users and also all Mac users running with OS X. The problem only concerns for AW galaxies and universes with version 6.0 or higher.
The problem hasn't been solved yet, but you don't need to re-install the program because this won't help , and you could loose your stored telegrams,cavs and teleports. The only (current) solution is by changing the date (clock) of your computer to 1st october (=before the problem started) and you can startup and enter in Activeworlds. But this is a temporary solution, and e.g the dates of the new telegrams will be wrong.
When leaving AW, you put the computer clock date back to normal otherwise you will have problems to surf on e.g. Google.
(Problem solved on 20th december)
* Alpha Halloween 2015 "Build with us for Halloween"
The Alpha Halloween building site has been started in Alphaworld 9133N 18972E 1a 270. There are assigned plots and there is a teleport board with the names of the builders, you can also teleport to the previous Halloween areas of 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 and look for ideas. There will be a Halloween Parade as well.
Contact Bach Zhaa (#360197) for a building lot.
* Halloween Party 2015
Ozman and Apooka will host again a Halloween Party in the world Yellow. More info on the calendar and in the Yellow Gazette.
* Yellow Gazette
Ozman and Apooka have started with new issues of the Yellow Gazette, this is the lastest edition :
Choose "Yellow Gazette Archives" for the previous editions. Or on this AWTimes website here, choose the "Archive" icon and search for the Yellow Gazette editions.
* Omg awards
GSK(#348037) is hosting the OMG-awards on his website myaw.us. GSK already tried to organize the OMG awards last year, but was without any success. This year, there are no CyAwards and this is the occasion to try out OMG!-awards again.
The awards can be found on this website: http://omg.myaw.us or on the webpage http://network.myaw.us/events/omg-awards-2016/ , but a (free) registration is required to log in. (main page of the website : http://myaw.us ).
The OMG-awards nominations start on 18th october and will end on 31st december. During this period, you can nominate all kinds of builds and projects, and there are 11 categories for which you can nominate. The nominations are published on a seperate webpage , where you can see what has been nominated already, and makes it is easier to add new nominations.
Voting will start on 1st january 2016. For voting, a MyAW account is required, this is also a way to prevent from cheating. The ceremony with prizes will be hosted in february.
* Myaw.us forum
The myaw.us website has started in november with forum pages :
* BuzzTV
BuzzTV, which is a part of MyAW, is merging with Big Bucks TV http://bigbucksentertainment.com/ , which is specialized in gaming. You can already see the scores of the previous Deal or no Deal games.
* EBTS 2016 in Yellow

First plans have been made to host the EBTS in the world Yellow. The contest would start in january 2016. There are also plans to host the EBTS 2017 in the world AWTeen.

* AWSchool workshops

Bach Zhaa (#360197) will be hosting again a series of workshops in AWSchool . First workshop will start on 28th october and will continue each wednesday from 9h30pm till 11pm VRT. Bach Zhaa did host already some successful animation workshops in february.

* Wings3d modeling classes
Keshi (#352322) will be hosting some Wings3d modeling classes in december. This will be a new occasion for those who want to learn to make their own objects. Last year Genevieve had hosted Wings3d modeling classes as well in the world Beimini.
* Blog websites
* Zephyr Fox's blogspot
http://zephyr-fox.blogspot.com Zephyr Fox (#409002)
* AW Community Meetings - Blogspot
http://awc-meeting-minutes.blogspot.com Zephyr Fox (#409002)
* Hyper Anthony's builder blogspot
http://awbuilder.blogspot.com Hyper Anthony (#350539)
* The Alpha Journal
https://alphajou.wordpress.com/ The Courier (#406770)
This is a brand new newssite about Activeworlds and for the AW Community.
http://rjbnet.us/awblog Dovestar(#278411)
* You can download the AW radio advertisement pack, created by Iao Moonshadow and TenYearsGone.
* You can download AWG-sets. AWG's are stored object groups, which you can load into your building scene. TenYearsGone has made a set of 18 victorian style homes , which is called "Sekrit Project" and which you can download as well on MyAW and on Facebook. Other AWG-house-style sets are under development. These sets will make it easier for builders to build up quickly a new village or town.
* TGIF parties

MeL (#341444) has started with a new concept, now she wille be hosting the TGIF parties on other locations, which are built by other citizens : everyone can contact Mel and ask to host her TGIF-party at his or her building site or world.

However there are some things you need to look for in order to succeed with your party :
1. Dance movers : in your dance club you will make movers for each dance sequence, but this is not enough . Because there is only 1 mover for 1 person, this means that you have to make several movers for each dance style.
Making multi dance movers is easy : copy the dance mover and move it back to the same place. When a person clicks upon the dance mover, there are still other movers of this dance sequence for other persons.
2. Maxpoly presets :
In Alphaworld, you can use Maxpoly's model for your dance sequences : dance_center1.rwx
For the multiple radio station, you can use Maxpoly's radio stations tool , just type this command upon a pictwll object :
create picture awlife.org/stream/images/awr1.jpg;activate web url=http://awlife.org/stream/music_center1.html sw=448 sh=601 nonav

* Candyland Game
Maxpoly (#299422) will be hosting Candyland Games for this autumn with real candy .
First winner of 5 game rounds, receives a $25 gift card to Sees.com
for real candy.
The Candyland Game area is located in the world Winter 636N 1972E
* Winter Holiday Village

Maxpoly (#299422) will be hosting again the Winter Holiday Village, the contest starts on 28th november and ends on 3rd january 2016 and it will be hosted in the same area as last year. The area is huge and there are still a lot of unused lots , so there was no need to create a new area. More contest information can be found in Winter 652N 2025E.

This year's theme is "The Village Commons, Crafts and Tradesman".
And there will be again nice prizes for the winners:
1st : a p20 world + 100 aw credits
2nd : a p10 world + 100 aw credits
3rd : 200 aw credits
* tip : expanded use of the "create texture" command
This tip is a building tip that can only be used in the public worlds or the world using the activeworlds object path : aw , winter, mars, cofmeta and yellow. But as these huge public worlds or very popular, it's worthwhile mentioning this tip.
For objects that take the "create texture" command you can use the textures of the path of the other worlds , they got a shared path :
 create texture ../../cofyellow/textures/somepicture.jpg
As you can see, the name of the texture command start with the path  ../../  
This is the object path of Mars : http://objects.activeworlds.com/mars/
We try out this texture from Mars in Winter : vpn11.jpg
create texture vpn11.jpg --> the texture doesn't exist in the OP of Winter
create texture ../../mars/lowtextures/vpnl1.jpg --> it works !
We try out this texture from Cofmeta in Winter : cfston2a.jpg
create texture ../../cofmeta/textures/cfston2a.jpg
We try out this texture from the Megapath in Winter: quiver.jpg
create texture ../../megapath/textures/quiver.jpg
We try out this texture from Alphaworld in Winter: mel-sunflo1.png
create texture ../../aw/textures/mel-sunflo1.png
* tip : add yourself as a contact

If you want to note down some useful notes, you can either note it down on the piece of paper, or type it in a txt notepad file and save it, or you can build sign objects and type it down.

But you can also add yourself as a contact in the F9 contacts window and send to yourself a telegram with the useful information.
* building tips : things to try out
create color orange; activate move 10 20 0 time=2.05 wait=2 gravity reset
if you want to use youtube videos on a pictwll , then you can use the media command :  url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=[number]   . ..
or the web command its url=www.youtube.com/embed/[number]  . . .  
If you want to try to use  url=www.youtube.com/v/[number]   , this will not work anymore.