July+Aug.+Sept. 2015
  AW Community Meetings (july+aug.+sept.)
AW Expo
The AWExpo area in AW 7700S 1400E was ready for the 20th anniversary of Activeworlds. As the AWExpo area is the new universe landing zone, there has been decided to add more info and instructions info for new visitors.
Awcom.me calendar stops...
The auto-updating calendar system (made by Smaug) was temporarily hosted upon the awcom.me website, but this service has been stopped now. If you want to post your events, you will have to rely on other website resources : the AW facebook groups, the AW Forum, awlife.org and also Myaw. MyAw is GSK's new website, which is going to replace the Awcom.me website. Events will be posted in a different way on this website, which also means that the auto-updating calendar can't be used anymore for annoucing the events in your world or building area.
* http://myaw.us/
MyAw is a new social networking website made by GSK(#348037) ,and the website started in june in "beta version". When introduced, there were already a lot of functions: your own profile, rewards, upload pictures , PTZ (points),..etc
http://network.myaw.us/welcome/ -> below this page you can register
The website contains 5 subdivisions :
1. MyAW network
This is the private social network, for AW users only. Here you can find more information about all AW users, and post your events, view your PTZ, edit your profile/account , etc. New things are : You can view the events per category. You can exchange/trade the PTZ with other AW users. There is a shop where you can buy things with your PTZ. In your profile you can read info about your membership of other AW universes. In the menu bar, you also have a search function. And you can read the update notes of all new features in MyAW.
2. MyAW calendar
3. MyAW warehouse
On this webpage you can register and log in to Myaw (myaw network). In the menu , there is a long list about places and resources. There is the store with pricing details and there is a help page about various subjects. GSK had developed the new Activeworlds.com website, and now that this is finished, the website is back in the hands of Activeworlds. GSK used the same info on his MyAw webpage, so you can rely upon 2 websites for the same information.
4. BuzzTV
BuzzTV contains information about the games hosted by GSK. You can also view the games on streaming media.
5. SmartTV
This is not really a TV , it's rather a collection of websites, and the SmartTV package provides access to several media applications which can be used in Activeworlds
* MyAW Action Builder
This is a new feature added to MyAW, for which you can use the PTZ. With this feature you can do several things:
1. Access restriction : As a world owner, you can restrict access to a section of the world, except to people who can pay a specific amount of PTZ. e.g. an exclusive club, a hidden room ,etc. For instance for "Who Wants to be a Millionnaire", you will pay some PTZ and get access to the VIP seats (and with a 3d bottle/glass of Champaign included :) )
2. Entry Gate : to get access to the world or to the game area after paying PTZ e.g. participating at games or competitions.
3. Mystery Box : people pay a small amount of PTZ and then get access to what is inside the box : could be more PTZ or a discount or something else.
There is a demo in the MyAW Pavillion (in the AWExpo area) , so you can check first yourself how it works, before applying this new feature :
AW 7699.81S 1392.77E 1.22a 170
Read more on http://network.myaw.us/action-builder/
When you decide to use the Action Builder, you go below this page and choose "Open the Action Builder", and there will appear a form where you will have to respond to 11 questions, which are necessary for the application of Action Builder.
* Blog websites
* Zephyr Fox's blogspot
In june , Zephyr Fox (#409002) has started with a blogspot website:
There is a wide variety in the content of the blogspot website. There are chatlogs, interviews, parties, events, tours and explorations, building info , tips and tricks, etc. . Most of the blogs also have pictures too. The site has a lot of activity : only 3 months after the startup, there are already 50 blogspot articles .
* AW Community Meetings - Blogspot
In august, Zephyr Fox made a seperate blogspot for the community meetings :
If you missed a meeting, you can rely on this chatlog. And Zephyr Fox made it easy for you : all interesting quotes are marked with several colors.
This brand new website "RJB networks" made by Dovestar(#278411) brings useful information and also video tutorials about applications for Activeworlds (e.g. use your own radio streaming, import objects from Sketchup, general building+ini tweaks, using VR in Activeworlds,...)
* Hyper Anthony's builder blogspot
The Activeworlds builder blogspot is hosted by Hyper Anthony (#350539) and the blog site exists since 2011. This blogspot focuses on advanced building skills and building realizations.
* Summer PTZ Giveaway for posting screenshots
Since the startup of myaw, Hyper Anthony's Awbuilder Blog is also used for announcing the weekly PTZ giveaway contest : every week a new theme is chosen. The contestants need to post pictures about this theme in the MyAw network webpages. One picture is randomly chosen and this contestant receives a voucher of 100 PTZ.
* City of Fantasia

Fantasia is a new town founded by TheCourier (#406770) earlier this year, and it's a "building" town which consists of 4x4-cells building lots . One of the purposes is also that the builds are being featured, not only empty buildings but also with content , interiors , points of attraction,.... Builders can get multiple lots once they have 'finished' a build.

AW 5842N 5548E 0.10a is the entry point of Fantasia.
On position 5847N 5545E , you have The Wooden Tavern, where you will find the actual builders list. On position 5837N 5546E, you can read about the history of Fantasia, and how to become a citizen of Fantasia.
On position .AW 5830N 5540E you have an advanced application, where you can type a message via a webcap screen : click upon one of the Piratepad screens and try to post a message.
Fantasia has been a great success so far. At the moment, Fantasia is still a small town (the town is bordered by walls), but is ready for expansion.
Map of Fantasia. (september 2015)
* Wisteria Lane

TaLon56 (#352490) has started with the Wisteria Lane, located at :

AW 31490N 30206W
Wisteria Lane is a wide area where you will find hundreds of textures for plants, most of which are .png and .gif -files, also links to tinyurl.com and to qrmgraphics.net (=website of MeL (#341444) ).
For most of the plants and trees , these objects have been used : xaw26.rwx and tbtree010.rwx . You will also find a collection of fruits and vegetables, there is also a collection of winter plants, and there is also a collection of Cotarr plants and trees, which is a tribute to the world Leaves, which has stopped in 2008.
Main purpose of Wisteria Lane is to bring new building ideas for other builders.
* AWMyths

Garrick (#354110) has added a lot of new features to his game world : new regions, a heritage system, families, werewolves, vampires, etc. ..., read more in the chatlog of 2nd august : http://awc-meeting-minutes.blogspot.com

AWMyths has a new website : http://www.awmyths.net/ and a promotional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4EZ-8rrbBw
There is still the forum : http://www.awmyths.topic-debate.com and facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/864993986859766/?fref=ts
* TGIF parties

MeL (#341444) will be hosting her future TGIF parties in different people builds locations in Alphaworld. First one will be in Highwayman's Club Atmosphere at 14697S 14246E, next will be in Plappo's Mint Tea Bits at 1617S 3275E ( in Happy Valley).

* AWMuseum

The launch of the AWMuseum in june was a success and Kenneth (#313432) has decided to expand the AWMuseum with several domes. The first dome is maintained for pictures of builds from 1995 and 1996. And there will be added 4 new domes for 1997 1998 1999 and 2000.

The AWMuseum is located at AW 11910S 2015W .
* Explorers Club
The explorers club restarts in august, last event was in february, but now Keshi (#352322) is back and will host again this succesful event.
* Happy Valley
Happy Valley is located in Alphaworld, and there are new activities going on. On location 1644S 3193E you have a testing area for making your music. One application has been used for the realisation of "Pipe Dream" in AwExpo on position 7698S 1459E.
* Game Expo

Oklahoma Traveler (#391054) is making a Game Expo area , which a wide variety of games : Carnival Rides, BattleShip, pool billiart, Frogger, PacMan, Ping Pong, Lunar Lander, interactive Arcade games, Baseball , Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe,Volcano, Whac-a-Mole, Plinko, Basketball, Minigolf, Bowling..etc . Several games are still under construction and lot more are still to come. Some games animations need to be stopped by pressing the END key. There is also a dance floor with animations.

The Game Expo is located at AW 7792S 1337E
* 3dflagsplus.com
Website where you can download animated waving flags with shadow. Just right-click upon the flag of your choice and save the gif-file on your computer.
* Electric City

Sir Greendown (#404908) has started a new city in the world CofMeta (=Metatropolis) , which is a public building world. By using the maftx command , Sir Greendown has managed to create a whole new kind of surrealistic buildings, but different than the already "unusual" standard buildings that we are used to see in Cofmeta. Inside this building you will find large rooms and hear chillout music (a bit jazzy,and also unusual to hear) and on the first floor there is a japanese sushi bar, a video games hall , and other lounge rooms.

Electric City is located at CofMeta 1009S 1029W
Cofmeta 1001S 1012W
* return of Ferruccio and Syntax - (SWCity)

Ferruccio (#345061) and Syntax(#308403) have returned to Activewords. Both citizens are important members of SWCity. They have announced to introduce a new chat system, also a new influx of users and a new AW user experience. They told to keep an eye on their newpaper : the SWCity Times.

In the AWExpo area you will find now the "S.U.T.", the Scarabian User Terminal for SW City Interactive, and will bring you to this website :
Here you can register and login to the website, where you can update your profiles, and have access to the SWCity forum, the Switter feed, the SWiki, the Builders Acadamy, the members list, and many other features.
S.U.T.(newsterminal) located at AW 7692S 1405E