January+February 2015
  AW Community Meetings (jan.+feb.)


04 January 2015 @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 * 682N 1998E
1. Last year's realizations in AW and the community :
1. relaunch of the EBTS by Bach Zhaa
2. Activeworlds new website made by GSK, including also AWCom Media Suite
3. AW on more applications : ubuntu linux, apple (mac), mobiles and tabloids
4. AW version 6.2 with the pano screens
5. relaunch of the CyAwards by Maxpoly and Nursemom
6. Wings3d classes in Beimini by Genevieve
7. Games: Millionaire, Russian Roulette, Gravity Trivia, Mind Games, Acronym game
8. Multiple Radio Station made by Maxpoly
9. Renewed AWSchool world.
10. Auto-updating Calendar made by Smaug
2. The Extreme Builders Talent Show (EBTS 6) :
This years EBTS will be organized in Alphaworld during at least 8 weeks, starting in february. The building lots will be huge (20x20cells) and there will be 9 judges which will be rating based on a points system.
3. Tip : opening a weblink in an external browser
Activeworlds has chosen for the Chrome Embedded Framework, which means that they have excluded Internet Explorer in the AW browser for viewing websites. However surfing on this framework is rather slow, but there is still a way to open the webpages in an external page : When you see a weblink in the chat window, then choose CTRL + click and the webpage will open in an external window.
18 January 2015 @ AW (Alphaworld) 7500S 500E (EBTS 6)
1. Activeworlds server move
Activeworlds has a new server host , now it's Amazon instead of Hostway. The download rate is a lot faster now (20MB/sec instead of 60kb/sec) but it's also a lot more expensive.
2. AWForum versus Facebook
Facebook seems to be more popular than the Forum , but the forum has some advantages:
* The Forum contains archives of historical blogs and newgroups
* You can read the posts without having to log in with an account.
* All citizens can post articles in the AW forum with their AW-account
* No need to scroll down during several minutes if you want to view older posts
3. The Extreme Builders Talent Show (EBTS 6) :
* located at 7500S 500E in Alphaworld starting from 1st february until 28th march
* the building lots are huge : 200x200meters , this is equal to a p10-sized world.
* and 200m distance between the lots : if there is lag, it will be caused by yourself
* the judging will start on 29th march until 11th april and will be done like last year : http://forums.activeworlds.com/read.php?6,361876
* the winners will be revealed on 12th april
* EBTS6 will be focused on "elements of animation"
4. animations classes / workshops
* There will be animations classes on tuesday 10PM and saturday 2PM (see calendar) : rotates, moves, basic coding , astarts, timers , movers ,animated gifs, etc.
5. Tip : Transparancy
* Options > Settings > Performance > enable Transparancy effects
01 February 2015 @ AW (Alphaworld) 7500S 500E (EBTS 6)
1. EBTS 6
Today the EBTS has started with building in the extreme, with an emphisis on animations. Bach Zhaa (360197) is hosting the event and is hosting also twice a week Animation Workshops in the world AWSchool for those which are interested in improving their building skills. (see calendar). There are also donations needed for the prizes of the EBTS6 contest. By sending a telegram to BachZhaa you can ask for his e-mail address in order to be able to donate the prize via Paypal. Read more about EBTS on :
2. Push Play Smart TV & AW Com Media Suite
AW Com Media Suite (see newsletter october 2014) has now a new website page : https://activeworlds.com/web/smarttv.php
3." Deal or No Deal " game in Aurora
On 21 februayi at 01:00 AM VRT, GSK(#348037) will host a new game in Aurora world. The game consists of 26 cash amounts ranging from 0.01$ to 1000000$ and there is also a banker involved who offers another deal if you decide to stop playing. The game is already popular on television and this game will be hosted by Davira Kurt of Big Bucks Entertainment.
4. Bingo game
The Bingo games will be resumed , after 2 years of absence of Bingo gaming. Garnet(#302030) has announced to host the bingo again, although specific dates for the bingo hasn't been fixed yet on the calendar
5. Alphamapper
Byte(#30) will remake the Alphamapper bot so that the interactive map of Alphaworld can be used again by everyone. As Alphamapper has become opensource , the program can be used for every world. You can read more about the developments of this at Github:
6. AW Radio advertisements
There have been made radio ads for Activeworlds by Dovestar, Bukka and Iao Moonshadow.
15 February 2015
1 March 2015
read about :
* Aurora world and Smart TV
* Uni Landing Zone etiquette - Peacekeepers and gatekeepers
15 March 2015