January 2015
  Texture City in the world Yellow


There has been talked about it already in the Community Meetings of december, and with the release of the new Yellow Gazette its finally officially announced : in the world Yellow there is a new texture yard with 9000 textures. The texture yard is called "Texture City" , located at 973N 1984E and the textures are exposed as if they were small windows on office buildings and skyscrapers, representing a real city. This city has been built by Apooka (#363660) , and with the help of Ozman (#357777) . This building project has been presented as the new year's gift for all builders of the Yellow world.


Texture City is not only for the builders of Yellow world ,(Y.B.G.="Yellow Builders Guild") , but also for all visitors of Activeworlds, because the presentation is absolutely wonderful, and is really a place to visit.

The textures have been sorted per theme : each building represents another texture group : there is a building with roman textures, a pyramid building contains egyptian textures, another building contains Particle Emitter-textures and corona's , etc....

Texture City is located in the world Yellow on position 973N 1984E and the city contains more than 9000 textures of the Yellow object path. As a consequence, this area is a heavy download , causing lag if you put the visibility at very long distance. Also for this picture with a visibility of 350 meters , it was impossible to make a printscreen with all textures downloaded on the buildings.

Some other theme buildings : roofings, paths and terrain, gifs and motion pictures, roads, plant masks, wood , wood floor, lace ,bark , carpets , marble , stone , brick , dirt, rustic, fabric, upholstery , books, glass, plasters , wallpapers, doors, christmas, valentine, spring holidays, halloween , asian art, copper , gold , chrome, iron , chains, skies, panoramas, foods , etc .......