January 2015
  Introduction of Clients

On 20th december 2014 , Activeworlds has changed 1 item in the tabs screen window (F9-key) : the number of online "users" and number of "remote users(bots)" have been replaced by the number of online "clients", which means that also all the online bots are included now. The reason for this change is because the users entering via mobile connection belong to the remote users list, so Activeworlds decided to change this and use only 1 clients list.

However this gives a false impression about the real activity within the worlds. On the other hand, people have paid credits in order to use the bots.

This new system is now showing worlds on top of the list with only online bots in it, instead of real online users . In this example : the worlds Sh3d1, Pelican , AwTrains and ReginaDN contain only bots.


This is the explanation which Rick Noll (CEO of Activeworlds) (= Rick(#8) ) has posted on Facebook on 24th december, you can read the reactions of Facebook. (pros and cons)

Previous presentation of the numbers of bots and users :

As you could read, the reason for this change has been the introduction of logging in with mobile connection on Activeworlds. See wiki pages about Touch Devices ( for mobiles and tabloids). On the Activeworlds wiki pages you can see which action you need to do for each gesture http://wiki.activeworlds.com/index.php?title=Touch_Devices

(Picture: Amircoot(#382171) logging in with his mobile phone...)

How to find the real users ?

The problem is now that the people do not know anymore which worlds have visitors and which worlds have only bots. So this might help you.....

First thing you can do is to add a user as a contact person, by right-click upon his avatar and choose to add him/her or to add a contact person by typing his/her username. When you go to your contacts list window, you will see who is online and also in which world, unless the users wants to hide to information for the other users.

This picture shows a list of worlds with their number of online bots (for december 2014) . Most of the worlds only use 1 bot, but in total we there are approximately 100 bots, so we can easily calculate and say, if there are 148 clients online, that there are 48 users and 100 bots.

You will also see that each day , the same worlds stay online and with the same number of bots. For instance in the world Winter, there are 3 bots. If the are 8 clients in the world Winter, then you can say that there are 5 users and 3 bots in that world.

The website http://pens.sytes.net/users/ is still useful, now you have 100 clients more than the stats of the previous months, and after some months we can start comparing the stats with the bots included .