The explorers Club

22 August - This time Keshi (#352322) brought us to the world SFGate, it's a world that has been started in 1999 as a p10-world after having won the Bingo game. The world has been expanded up to a huge p90-world nowadays. The world is owned by CableCar Gal (#288431) , and she is today's host together with NYGiants (#179751) , who has helped building this world.

The world contains a variety of interactive things, certainly when you talk about transport : there are movers for cars, scooters, boats, balloon rides , horses , and there is a network of server controlled movers for bus trolleys, taxis and there is also an underground railway system.

When you enter SFGate you will see a huge teleport center , but especially for the explorers club event, there has been made a selection of 12 teleport signs, bringing you to some of the best places of this huge p90 world. On this picture we see one of the many bus trolley stations. Each bus is a server controlled mover and bring you to another bus station. For each bus you can read the distination.


Here a small selection of the 12 teleport attractions :

* There is a music shop, where you can view several video clips.

* There is the San Francisco Zoo.

* At the world entry point there is a Carnival , where you can take a balloon ride.

* Besides a trolleybus and taxi network, there is also a subway underground network.

Ye Ole Music Shoppe
Ye Ole Music Shoppe
San Francisco Zoo
Carnival with balloon ride in the background
Subway metro line
Cliff House Rail
Cliff House area

Also in the Carnival area, close to the world entry point, you can watch an animation of the Minions. This animation has been created by Horsy (#319337 ), who is the world owner of Aeolia.

Some of the visitors of this event (and on these pictures) : Memyself, Sir Greendown, CableCar Gal, Doctor PHD, Cleet, Scylla, Tree Saw, Red Sorceress, Talon56, Panne , Tom Smith, NY Giants, Keshi , TenYearsGone and Imagine.

Carnival Area : the Minions