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  Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a building area in Alphaworld and is located close to SWCity.

On the Alphamapper map , which shows images of 2008 , you won't find any builds of Happy Valley, because the building only started in 2011 and it still expanding today. On the picture,you can see the Happy Valley area between the yellow lines. At the east side, Happy Valley is bordered by the huge lake of SWCity, built by Vernox(#299952) and SWComit(#297649). At the west side,you have a motorway , built by "LilAlpha Phalpha". At the west side of the motorway, you will find some expansion zones of Happy Valley, which will be used for future building projects. Most of the builds can be found in the narrow area between the motorway and the lake. In some places Happy Valley is only 40 cells wide , but from the north to the south it is 800 cells long, from 3220E 1085E until 3220E 1905S. That's way you can speak about a "valley".

Happy Valley itself is almost entirely built by TenYearsGone(#378183) , but also some building zones of neighbouring friends belong to this area. ( Sidris, Melody Wasp, Andy S, Bach Zhaa, Blue Green Gem, Toxor, JessieK). "Nostalgia Park" on position 1625S 3250E can be considered as the GZ area of Happy Valley ,and where you can find building areas from 2011.


Awtimes already released an article about Happy Valley when the barn dance event took place in november 2013, and with pictures of the surrounding area :
In that article you can also read about a multi-user server controlled trolley movers. In Happy Valley, there are 2 trolley lines.The "Minnie Loop" trolley line track starts near the GZ of Nostalgia Park on location 1628S 3244E, and first goes south until 1697S 3217E, then the track goes 500 cells to the north 1314S 3240E following the "LilAlpha Phalpha"-motorway area (3220E) and then returns again to the south until location 1388S 3249E. The second trolley track is called "Northbound Nite Line" which is a parallel trolley line , going from the south 1804S 3255E until north 1356S 3235E , following the "Myrth road" (3245E) which is also parallel to the motorway.. Both lines have the names of TenYearsGone's friends : Minnie Mouse and Nitecap. Unfortunately , Nitecap passed away in january 2014.
The trolley tracks have several trolley stations which are located 32 cells north/south/east /west from the other, because the maximum distance for a server controlled trolley mover is 32 cells. In each station the trolley mover stops , but you will find another trolley mover and you can continue the track.
1426S 3246E
1315S 3235E
1600S 3260E
In "Nostalgia Park" on position 1625S 3250E you will find a nice animation on a circular panel, you will also see the SWCity inhabitants, which indicates that SWCity is not far away and you could even say that Happy Valley is part of the huge SWCity area. There is also a train track which is also parallel to the motorway and the myrth road , on 3260E, the railway is going from 1806S until 1372S.
1625S 3250E

Happy Valley contains a lot of Victorian houses. Most of the houses are made with the "create name" command, which makes the impression that TenYearsGone doesn't want to reveal which textures have been used to create these fantastic houses, but this is not true. When you use the shift-key and fly underground with your avatar, you will notice that there are pole objects containing the action commands for these name commands. So the building skills of TenYearsGone can be learned and used by everyone.

1601S 3275E
1586S 3225E - village area
1601S 3250E
1700S 3134E
TenYearsGone uses the shear command to create hills on flat panel objects. On the 2 pictures above (location 1700S 3134E) you have a nice example of making a hill
create move 0 0 30 time=.01 wait=9e9, shear 0 0 .2
At the same time, you can see that TenYearsGone uses the 9e9 command, which makes it possible to cover the motorway built by Poseidon. You can see that the Poseidon motorway is on a flat surface, whereas TenYearsGone's 9e9-motorway goes upwards and then goes into a tunnel halfway the hill. The 9e9 commands make it possible to cover the ancient motorways created by "LilAlpha Phalpha" and "Poseidon"(1700S), which have been built in 2000 and 2001 and those roads have remained unchanged during 10 years. However there is a kind of a dilemma when using 9e9, because you are building on land which is already "covered" by another person, even if the builder has left during a decade. When being unused for 10 years you can consider you are doing no harm.
Also the Myrth road has been covered by other land for hundreds of meters, but Myrth (#302202) has returned in may 2015 after 15 years of absence, and has made his presence clear on position 1212S 3244E.
1212S 3244E.
1571S 3246E - traffic lights
Another nice example are the traffic lights ,for which also shear and 9e9-moves have been used. When going underground with the shift-key , you will see a set of button-objects on location 1570S 3247E , where you can see that the color tint has been used in combination with the "at VRT"- command. The traffic lights are very realistic with the xckw2.rwx-object, and just by adding a color tint.

Also the pedestrian lights work like it should. In the neighbourhood, you have a park with butterfly animations (1556S 3234E)

There is also a village built by Andy S (#366278) which is located along the lake built by Vornox an SWComit. All buildings upon the lake have been built with the 9e9-move command.
1714S 3278E - village at the lake
1772S 3248E - carnival fair area with monorail mover
1832S 3150E - cable car
1818S 3152E
1660S 3210E - maze area
1773S 3140E - airplane (server controlled mover flight)

Happy Valley also has its own Facebook group. Here you can find additional useful information for building as well as all the news items from Happy Valley : building remakes, awg-files, how to make movers, object path lists, etc., but also about other events : The explorers Club, SW City interactive, Winter Holiday Village, the EBTS, etc. The Facebook group has been created on 18th august 2013 and has 37 members.



1666S 3245E