The explorers Club

21 February - This time the world Mystica has been explored. Mystica is a p50 world and is owned by Perra (#261818) and he runs this world together with Zanna. (#352837) and they live in Sweden. Mystica is a fantasy world creation, with lots of villages, rivers , hills and forests , so a little bit like you might see in Sweden.

Mystica exists already for 16 years, since 1999 , and Perra has been citizen since 1996, this is only 1 years after the startup of Activeworlds !!

At the GZ entrance of Mystica ; you will find a sign which will bring you to the teleport center, which consists of an external (to other worlds) and internal teleport center (for Mystica only). We go to the Mystica teleport center at 14S 2W, and start to explore.

You will notice that this fantasy world consists of several small villages , each with their own styles : Galea, Kelton, Grafan , Tamarang , Winterland , ...and apart from that you will find the Shamata mine (35N 40W) , the Walinor Manor (Halloween 1S 8W) and Mystica Castle (20S 15W).

Finally you can visit Perra's Café (at 8S 7W) and also Perra and Zanna's Home (at 22N 3W). Inside this home you will see a nice reflecting floor and you will see real pictures of Perra and Zanna.
Some people @ this event : Perra, Zanna, Keshi, CableCar Gal, Sir Greendown, Chromia, Astraenaut , Panne, Old Kunnel, and Red Sorceress.