The explorers Club

10 January - The explorers club took us this time to the world AWTrains. This world contains models made by Pelican (#354436) and the train bots scripting is made by Karten (#315184) and is sponsored by Activeworlds.

AWTrains is a p40-sized world and contains a network of railways junctions , but AWTrains is not only about railways and locomotives. You will also find villages with a wide range of house models,a large industrial zone with harbour, several bridge models, landscaping with trees, mountains with tunnels, car roads and functional barriers,etc.

The world AWTrains gives you an impression like as if you are visiting a railway modeling club.

On position 28N 14W you will find 2 presentations of the railway map of this world. This can be viewed also on the website : http://www.pelican3d.com/website/images/awtrainsmap2.jpg

On position 12N 7W there is an area with links and teleports about things which are related to the world AWTrains : e.g. the worlds Pelican with 3d objects and ReginaDN with railways bots. There have been granted 2 CYAwards for this world in 2008.

Some people @ this event : SirGreendown, Red Sorceress, Idun, Zanna, Old Kunnel, CableCar Gal, ORB , Keshi, Highwayman, NY Giants, Thunder Jack, Fantasia, Stefan69 , Mouxi, Samsie, Enkii , Panne and Catwoman.