20 dec.2015-1 jan. 2016
  Christmas events 2015
Midi music quiz (26th december)
On the 26th december, Arsene (#152438) has hosted a music quiz in his world Français. The quiz consisted of 3 sets of 10 music melodies, all of which were music files. The quiz lasted for several hours and the final winner van Elphifou, whose score was double from the others.
Music party and mind games (26th december)

At the same moment, there was a party going on in the world Winter. The events was part of the Winter Holiday Village event which lasts from 28th november till 10th januari, and this is hosted by Maxpoly (#299422). The party itself was located on the Ice Rink, on position 615N 1977E. During the event there were several sets of Mind Games. After that, on the 27th december at 1:30 AM there was a Candyland Game as well.

Music quiz in the world Français
Together in a sledge upon the Winter Ice Rink
One of the Mind Game questions
Ice Rink with Dance Center
Trivia quiz (27th december)

One day later , on the 26th december, Arsene (#152438) has hosted his traditional Trivia Quiz with 42 questions in french. Elphifou was the winner here as well, with a score which was the same as the scores of all the other contestants together.

Hollywood Tower Hotel (31th december)

The end of the year party was a re-edition of last year's "Tower of Terror", hosted by GSK (348037). Last year it was in the world Funbox, this year in the world Aurora. The event started with a light show, and after this, every could enter into the Hollywood Tower Hotel and experience the "Tower of Terror".

Trivia in français : The final result