31 oct.-1 nov. 2015
  Halloween 2015
Alpha Halloween building site (1st-31st october)
The Alpha Halloween 2015 building site is located in Alphaworld 9133N 18972E 1a 270There are assigned plots and there is a teleport board with the names of the builders, and you can also teleport to the previous Halloween areas of 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 and look for ideas. At the end of the event , there was with a Halloween Parade as well.
Bach Zhaa (#360197) hosted the site and he granted the building lots to all participants. There was no contest involved. On this webpage, you can view some of the nicest builds in the Halloween 2015 area.

At the entry of the Halloween site , you will find a giant skeleton, and in front you will find the teleport center with all the building lots. On the building lot of Zephyr Fox, you will find a Halloween maze, which brings you to the underground, and there you will see short video moments of well-known horror movies.

Teleport center
Graveyard by Highwayman
Zombie cages by Tree Saw
Halloween Makeover Machine by Merry
Vampires video (full movie) by Beachgirlamber.
Skulls tree in the central area. (AW Halloween team)
Skeletons on bikes by Sir Greendown
One of the 4 animation movies on the Halloween Dance Area
Halloween PE's by Keshi
Halloween ParadeĀ ( 1st november)
On the 1st of november there were 2 Halloween parades, which passed along all the building lots. Everyone could take a Halloween mover and participate at the parade: e.g. Zephyr Fox took the skull balloons, Sidris sat upon the egyptian sedan chair, Bach Zhaa chose the skeleton mobile, Tree Saw drove the "Rock and Troll"...etc.

Some movers were real dance platforms , like the vehicles of TenYearsGone and Darkmatter.

Halloween Party in Yellow (31st october)
Ozman and Apooka hosted again as usual their annual Halloween party, same location: Yellow 151S 1766E .This time the castle ruins were replace by a classicistic temple in roman style.

The new Halloween dancefloor had some nice details : nice angels all around, the eye-discoball , a skeleton and a sorcerer on the dance platforms, creepy creatures appearing and disappearing..., not speaking yet about the many splendid light effects, Apooka did the light studio , Ozman stayed on the dancefloor, whereas Veger looked for the splendid music. The roman columns were a good choice , because their colour changes with every light effect.

People @ this party (and on these pictures) : Ozman, Apooka, Sir Greendown, TenYearsGone, Sweets, Arsene, Panne, Veger , OldKunnel, Toxor, Vampara, Iao Moonshadow, Ozyseo , Tree Saw, Snowkupp, Sgeo, DarXide, Tomas, and Xtremegamer085.

Just besides the dance temple, on the north side, you have the Haunted Carnival, which is worth visiting, there is a very wide range of attractions like the Jack'o'roll race, the Prof"s Joke, the Sphere of Doom, Ferris Zork, the Rattler, the Kaleidoscope, ...and so on.