oct.-nov. 2015
  Autumn parties
Here you can read and view about a few of the many parties which are organized in Activeworlds.
TGIF party in  Fantasia ( 9th october)
MeL (#341444) has started since august with a new concept. Now the TGIF parties are hosted on different locations and worlds. This time the TGIF was hosted in Fantasia, this is a village located in Alphaworld (AW 5842N 5548E ) and Fantasia has been founded by The Courier (#406770).
The dance event itself is located at 5803N 5508E 1a . The dance floor is in "open air", and nicely animated made with a few PE's . Around the floor , there are dance mover panels, the music center , and there is a large bar. During the party, there was an Acronym Game, there were 2 winners.

Some people at the event (and on these pictures) : Mel, Alphaworldian, Tree Saw, Grell Sutcliffe, Panne, Aussi Tiger, LeglizHemp, Nickywest , Storm Raven, Toxor , Kahless, Sir Greendown, The Courier , SaintlyMic, Keshi , Chumana, OklahomaTraveler, Kenneth, Mouxi, Bach Zhaa, CharleyO, Darkmatter and Illumex.
TGIF party in  The Dark Night ( 23rd october)
This TGIF party hosted by MeL (#341444) was located at  Darkmatter's "The Dark Night Club" in AlphaWorld 13985N 14126E
Darkmatter (#342319) made this nice dance hall with a limited number of objects. The dancefloor itself is transparent and below you could find a lights animation. Also the walls had were animated with red-yellow-green and blue, as well as screens with fireworks animation.
Some people at the event : Mel , Darkmatter, Genevieve , Panne, KittenWithClaws, Albertagold, Toxor, Thunder Jack, Lady Dragon, The Courier, Newjundiaius
Thanksgiving parade ( 26th november)

The Thanksgiving parade event made a tour in the AW Expo zone. You could see some nice movers , going from trains, pies, turkeys and also entire meals. The movers can still be viewed today, they are located at AW 7880S 1338E .