july-august-sept. 2015
  Summer parties


Weekly during this summer there where hosted parties in different worlds and locations. We are showing you a few succesful ones. The parties published here were hosted in the worlds AW and AWTeen, which are building worlds. This means that you can look at the action commands of the builds, and use some ideas for making your own dance club...
4th of july anniversary party in Phoenix City
Sir Greendown (#404908) hosted this party in Phoenix City , of which he is the founder, the town center is located at AWTeen 2185S 3596W , but this party area is located a lot more to the south, on position 2475S 3415W.
The dance floor consists of a mixture of colourful particle emitters , there is a dj bar , a bar with cocktails and drinks, and there is a panel with dance sequences and music channels.


AW birthday party (25th july) in AWExpo Club
This monthly AW citizen birthday party was organized in the new AW Expo zone , in the AW Expo Club , which is located in AW 7688S 1371E 1.7a
Also here particle emitters were used to animate the dancefloor. Apart from that there were lots o discoballs, dance poles, and a podium for musicians where you can play yourself drums, trumpet or guitar.
TGIF party in Club Atmosphere (21st august)
MeL (#341444) will be hosting her future TGIF parties in different people builds locations in Alphaworld. The first party took places in Club Atmosphere at AW 14697S 14246E, which has been build by Highwayman (#344338).
The dancefloor containers coloured spotlights (PE's) , a gif-animated ceiling, a rotating dancefloor with bright stars textures , coloured picture gif-animations on the walls and a coloured raindrops (PE's). Around the dancefloor you can click upon one of the various dance sequence signs, choose your favourite music channel, or click yourself and try out some extra lights & effects -animations.
Another point of attraction is the discoball , made with the tbpictglobe3.rwx object ,and with this action command :
create picture nursemom3d.com/textures/discoball.jpg,color tint CAE1FF,rotate 2, matfx tex=fw13 coef=4 shiney
You can find below this page a copy of the splendid discoball texture.
Acronym Game party in Delight (12th september)
MeL (#341444) has hosted again an Adult Acronym Game in the world Delight. After that there was plenty of time for a party.
The dance area was located in an exotic decor with palm trees and white beaches with all kinds of entertainment (seascooters, barbecue & picknick, beach balls...)
The dance hall itself was in gazebo-style with a glittering discoball and a dancefloor with a nice gif-animation. Besides the traditional dance movers, there were also dance poles taking you up and down.