June 2015
  AW Museum



The AW Museum opened its doors on 26th June and is hosted by Kenneth (#313432) .Check out 50 showcases from 1995 to 1996. all of which have teleports straight to them, except for 1 old photo of which the location doesn't exist anymore (check out what a 1995 browser was like). See the very first AW Wedding from 1996! See a very old Object Yard from 1996! See what we believe is probably the very first objects in all of Active Worlds! See what is most likely the oldest structure that still exists in Active Worlds! Go back in time under the glass dome that makes up the brand new AW Museum. Opened just in time for AW's 20 Year Anniversary! location : AW 11910S 2015W

This museum is dedicated to the earliest builders of Active Worlds. You can click each picture or sign to teleport to that location .

AW started up on June 28, 1995 inside AlphaWorld (aw world). The AW universe was then changed to Active Worlds and so was the browser, which was then called Active Worlds Explorer. (source: Wiki)

The pictures in the museum about builds made in 1995 and 1996 are not only about builds in Alphaworld, but also of other "old" worlds, like Cofmeta , Void and Yellow.

One of the pictures in the museum is the "Jumanji Pavilion" built in november 1995 by AW for Sony's release of their movie Jumanji. 16954n 8213e aw world. Thanks to SirGreendown for this location.

Another nice build is called "Greatlight Keep" located in Alphaworld on 215S 100W . The lighthouse (the central area) has been created in september 1995 . The built was finished one year later in august 1996, this is the outside area , where you have the street surrounding the building area.

The objects which you select here are without a builder name. That is because the build has a "<Not a Citizen>" label on them. They still have citizen numbers though , this has been build by citizen number 225.