13th June 2015
  2 Hour Urban Combat contest


The world Combat is hosted by Ozyseo(#368259) and Iao Moonshadow(#358444) and together they have started up what can be compared with a paintball game, but here they play with guns, and the aim is to kill as many as possible.

For this first Combat event there were nice prizes to be won. (see calendar of june).

1st : Genevieve
2nd: DarkMatter
3rd : KittenWithClaws.



In the world entry zone (the GZ), you will find the "Player Combat Guide", with all information about how to play the game .There is virtual money involved, called C-money which you can use to buy weapons , munition, armor, health care, or land to build on. Extra money can be earned in combat mode.

You can type several commands in the chat window : stats, reload, combat mode, build mode,... Every player has 9 building cells, for which there are also rules. You can also add yourself new textures, models and sounds to this world, by sending the files to Iao Moonshadow.

In this world , flying is disabled. Flying is only possible with movers, but these aren't used at the moment, but could return in a future game upgrade. Inside the GZ building you are safe from being shot. When leaving this the GZ area, you arrive in the combat area. If you are shot and you die, then you will be teleported again into the GZ area.


In the combat area, you will hear in several areas gun shots and explosions, and you can see rock explosions and fire as well. Also some music makes the gaming more comfortable. When you are busy playing, you will find on several locations red skeletons : these are the spots where a player has been killed during the game.

The best way to win the game ? Play each time again and improve you combat skills . Every saturday, there is a new combat game (see calendar ).