March-April-May 2015
  Parties in AWReunion


In AWReunion, we have still have the weekly TGIF parties on friday, as well as the birthday parties on saturday. Let's have a look....

Each party is hosted on another location inside the world, on 28th of March, we had a party in an amusement park, besides dancing, you could try out one of the many rides and games.


The day after,on 29th of March, there is a party with an acronym game. Often there is also an adult acronym game, with adult content , then this party is organized in the world Delight ,an adult rated world .

Besides dancing together with the easter eggs (you can do pole dancing too), you can do a scrabble game or smoke the waterpipe.

On the 18th of April, there TGIF party was located in the G-Spot Bar, with this time a city lights decoration. Here we see that all dancing poles were occupied...