25 April 2015
  Multiple choice gravity trivia


Last year , the gravity trivia has been introduced in the world Venice-Venezia. Now Panne (#365962) has made a multiple choice version of the game. Multiple choice makes it easier for all players : the correct answer is always there. And there is also a bit of luck involved : even if you don't know the solution, you always have the chance to click upon the right one. The game is also less complicated : you only need to click upon the balls. There is a reset button and there is a teleport button that's all.


In the corners of the game field you can find the game question info and scoreboard, which are linked with the buttons in the game area, this board is updated automatically , without the use of a bot.

The first multiple gravity trivia game was played on 25th of april, and there were 8 participants. Chumana was the final winner after 4 categories of questions.