22 March 2015
  Bingo games are back again !



After 2 years of absence , the bingo games have been restarted , and will be played either in the worlds : Citbing0 or Citbingo . Game host is still Garnet (#302030).

The bingo games will be played on a montly basis : each last sunday of the month (instead of weekly on fridays). But anyway , every bingo game will be posted on the calendar, so check it out :). Games rules still remain the same, but prizes will be different now.

This was the second bingo game (easter bingo game), first bingo game was in february at valentine (see the hearts).



Games rules still remain the same :

for more info, type "help" in the chat . and you will know how to select a card , select another card (RESUME) or view the selected numbers (CALLED).

And go to the website http://host.activeworlds.com/citbingo/games.htm. Here you can read about the different bingo game types : regular, 6-pack, L , diamond, small pic,...


Prizes have changed :

As there are no tourists anymore since the change in june 2013 , the prize of "free citizenship" has been replaced by models (donated by modelers) and by credits.

New donations wanted :

Garnet (#302030), the bingo host, is looking for new donations, new models , but also credit donations, in order to have bingo game prizes which are interesting for every player.