21 March 2015
  Deal or No Deal

GSK(#348037) has started this month with a new game in his world Aurora : Deal or No Deal , which is also very popular on TV, just like the other games has made before. The game is in the same style as those previous games, but for this game also Skype is used to make the game complete.

Skype is required to play , via this link:


Game host was Divvyboy (#406210) , while GSK was busy with all the rest (light effects, music , sounds...).

In this game it's not about knowledge like the previous games in Aurora , but it's about luck and risk . Chumana(#392855) had played a good game and ended with 792,000 $ . Then it was Bach Zhaa (#360197) to try to do it better. The first rounds went very well , he preserved most of his big amounts, and got offered high amounts by the bank : 253,000 $. Bach Zhaa continued playing, but things got wrong , and the bank offered only 7,000 $. He continued playing till the end and fortunately he managed to preserve his last big amount, so that the bank could still offer a nice amount. Next one to play was Mel (#341444) which has started with a very good round and the bank offered 507,000 $ , Mel continued and even got offered 684,000 $ , and after that she managed to eliminate all small amounts, with the lowest amount of 200,000 $ and the bank offered already 801,000 $ . So we got 3 lucky players tonight.


After that , Mel managed to eliminate also the lower large amounts, brings the bank's offer to 9,999,999 and then to 15,000,000. Unfortunately we can't see it on these images, because there is a small bug in the game that i should have known before : when leaving and reentering the world during the game , this will reset the the scoreboard : the already chosen boxes and eliminated amounts, also the numbers of the amounts have been reset.

But finally MeL ended up as a multi-millionnaire !!