11th January
  Winter Holiday Village Awards

On 11th January , we had the Winter Holiday Village Awards in the world Winter. Bach Zhaa(#360197) announced the 3 winners of the building contest , the 3 winners have won a world, a amount of credits, a winter globe trophy and terrain rights in Winter.

1st prize Iao Moonshadow (#358444) Oscarville Public Library
2nd prize Toxor (#391292) Oscarville Music Emporium
3rd prize Panne (#365962) Oscarville's Finest Bakery

You can view more images in AWTimes events article 45 :

  17 January 2015
  Super Millionaire Game
On 17th January, there was another Super Millionaire Game in the world Aurora. The game event was a succes again and has been hosted by GSK(# 348037) and LtBrenton(#355399).
  24 January 2015
  Animations Workshop in AWSchool

Bach Zhaa(#360197) has started with hosting some classes about animations and other building techniques. These workshops has been organized in view of the EBTS contest, which will start on 1st of February . Also because for this years contest, the jury will look with special attention to the animations in the building areas. These workshops/classes are organized to show which are the possibilities to make nice and good animations. For this event, there has been used VOIP, which makes it possible to explain things more quickly , instead of having to type all information in the chat window. You can read about the workshop in the category "Create" (item 25).


  24 January 2015
  January Birthday Party

On 24th January , we had the January Birthday Party in the world AWReunion. Party host is MeL (#341444) who organized the party for the birthdays of January .

The dance event was located this time at 312S 142E , where you could find a glasshouse-building in orangerie-style. Inside of this building there is anice carroussel . And around of this building you have the dancefloor area. There were also some giant birthday cakes for this event .

Some people @this party : Mel , Nursemom , Fantasia, Panne, SirGreendown, Chocolateberry, Smaug, Sovia, Maxpoly, BachZhaa, KittenWithClaws, Kahless, Bloody Rift, Enkii and Highwayman.