Action commands
  Matfx * Blend (Mixing textures)

Another item in "Bach Zhaa's tutorial area" ( 32N 104E), is the possibility of mixing 2 textures. The texture mixing examples can be found in AWSchool at 40N 128E.

Information about blend (dual texturing) can be found on the wiki pages as well, being part of the matfx command, which is used for reflection upon an object.:
Mixing 2 textures is easy .You can make new textures with the matfx command , in this example we mixed grasso , flat34, road4 , flat3 and marble3. When adding the blend command, you can still make a wider combination of textures.
create matfx type=4 tex=flat34 ,texture grasso
create matfx type=4 tex=grasso blend=1:4 ,texture flat34
create matfx type=4 tex=road4 ,texture grasso
create matfx type=4 tex=grasso blend=9:7,texture road4
create matfx type=4 tex=marble3 ,texture flat3
create matfx type=4 tex=marble3 blend=9:7,texture flat3

In this Bach Zhaa's tutorial area you will find several examples of blending textures, eg. creating dirt on a texture or using the negative colors of the texture , all of this depends on the value that you choose for the blend command. (1:3 - 1:4 - 1:10 )
create texture woodpost,matfx type=4 tex=tile6 blend=1:3
create texture woodpost,matfx type=4 tex=tile6 blend=1:4
create texture sign5 mask=sign5m,matfx type=4 tex=road1 blend=1:3
create texture coftv10,matfx type=4 tex=p_bubble blend=1:3
create texture pud1,matfx type=4 tex=road1 blend=1:3
create texture sign5 mask=sign5m,matfx type=4 tex=road1 blend=1:3
create texture sign1 mask=sign1m,matfx type=4 tex=rock7 blend=1:3
You can also blend a texture with images from url links.
create picture www.awportals.com/uploads/events/e_imgs/00348_1295776302.jpg,matfx type=4 tex=road1 blend=1:3
You can even add a texture upon a sign object with this command.
create sign bcolor=white color=b q=100,matfx type=4 tex=metal1 blend=1:3 tag=100
create sign bcolor=salmon q=64 ,matfx type=4 tex=metal2 blend=1:3 tag=100

The most popular use of the Matfx command is of course adding a glossy reflection to the textures. This example can be found in the AWExpo 2015 area :

p2pyr1000b.rwx and p2cube1000.rwx and p1sph0100.rwx
create texture bsink211, matfx coef=1,scale .8 .95 .8
You will find this in the world AWTeen 1933N 3709W and 1936N 3717W :
create scale 1 1.4 1, texture road7, matfx
create texture bmg-stu08, matfx
pict2.rwx (poster frame)
create texture seaweed2,scale 2 .675,opacity .5,color tint grey,matfx