December 2014
  AW Community meetings (december)
07 December 2014 @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 - 682N 1998E
1. Activeworlds updates (version 6.2 )
* Mac update : The Activeworlds software is now available for Mac users, which you can download from the Activeworlds.com homepage
* Activeworlds is also available for Ubuntu Linux : see the wikipage :
* There have been introduced new toolbar icons.
2. Winter Holiday Village
* Some building tips in Winter world :
* you can use picture commands for all primitive objects of the object yard
* you can use the font image script : http://awlife.org/sgn/index.php
and you can find examples of such scripts on position 636N 1990E
3. Yellow World
* In the world Yellow there will be built a new texture yard with 9000 textures. You will find more info about it in the next Yellow Gazette.
21 December 2014 @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 - 660N 1973E
1. Winter Holiday Village
* Mover class : This community meeting was hosted on position 660N 1973E, where you have a tutorial area about using/creating movers. Bach Zhaa (#360197) explained with VOIP (= with microphone) about the detailed menu for each mover type.
* This third Winter Holiday Village is called "Oscarville": on position 634N 2003E, Darkmatter (#342319) has started to build an impressive town hall with that name. The named is related to a song about a christmas tree called Oscar, a song which you can hear when teleporting to the "new object yard".
* Party area : after the community meeting , you can go to position 614N 1963E? where Maxpoly (#299422) hosted a party on an ice skating area , with dance sequence boards for dancing on the large mover ice sleighs , and there is an area for playing Mind games.
2. Activeworlds updates (version 6.2)
* Activeworlds introduces Touch Devices ( e.g. for mobiles and tabloids), on the Activeworlds wiki pages you can see which action you need to do for each gesture http://wiki.activeworlds.com/index.php?title=Touch_Devices
* By going in the menu : Options - Settings - Advanced - Available toolbar images , you can choose to use larger Toolbar icons or the default ones.
* By clicking in the chat window and then press CTRL and scroll with the mousewheel you can choose for small or large text in the chat window.
* By pressing ALT and scroll with the mousewheel in the world itself, you can zoom into a spot in the world without needing to approach with you avatar. With a mouseclick the zooming will be reset.
* In the tabs screen window (F9-key) the number of online "users" has been replaced by the number online "clients", which means that also all the online bots are included now.