December 2014
  AW Visitor Statistics : Analysis

Tomas (#312020) did change the lay-out of the website http://pens.sytes.net/users/. He has also added statistics about the current number of objects of 11 large public building worlds.

If you look at the visitors statistics however, you have now an overview per month , per day and per hour, but you don't have any graphic presentation. AWTimes made some helpful diagrams for you for these first months.....

The diagrams have been more from 13th september until 30th november.... Click upon the pictures to enlarge the view....

September 2014

When we look at the first diagram, we see orange, magenta(pink) and yellow bars. The orange bar indicates the calmest hour of the day, the magenta shows the average number of visitors during 1 day and the yellow shows the visitors peak hour during that day.

For september we see that the daily visitors peaks ranges from 50 to 60 vistors , with some peaks above 60 visitors during the weekends. During the calmest hours this number varies from 20 to 30 users.

The second diagram shows per day the number of hours there have been with visitors between a range from 20 to 30 , from 30 to 40 , from 40 to 50 , etc. The numbers above show the average number of visitors during that day , and the upper line numbers (in red and magenta) show the number of hours that the bot didn't register or didn't register correctly. The first day there were only 12 hours registered, because the bots has been activated only at noon. For the rest we can say that the bot is very reliable with only 7 unregistered hours.

When we look at the tendancy for september , there has been a small decline starting on the 22nd, where you can see that during the calmest hours, the number of visitors drops between 20 and 30 instead of remaing between 30 and 40.



October 2014

The statistics for october weren't good at all , the number of visitors kept dropping. During the peak hours , for some days there weren't even 50 users , and if there were 50 users, then it was only for 1 or 2 hours. There was 1 peak on the 5th october , when there was a Community Meeting.

Also during the calmest hours, the number of visitors dropped below 20 users into the "red alert" zone, and this for several days and not 1 single day the minimum was above 30 users. The only other good news is that the Halloween weekend started well...

The reason for this decline could be the remaking of the Activeworlds website, at certain moments it was difficult to find the download pages. Another reason was the startup of AW version 6.2, there have been difficulties for certain people to log in.


November 2014

Although the statistics bot has been often offline in november (48 hours in total) , it is clear that this is a better month than september and october : visitor peaks reached again often 60 users and even 70 users. And there were again a lot more hours with more than 50 users.

Also during the calmest hours, the statistics are better, only during 1 day there were less than 20 visitors and during some days the minimum remained above 30 users.

The last weekend of november was a real succes compared to previous the 10 weeks, with 23 hours with more than 60 visitors ....this looks promising for Activeworlds.

There could be several reason for the revival :
1. The remake of the new website of Activeworlds is almost completed
2. Activeworlds is available now on Mac , and on Linux and Ubuntu.
3. The cold weather took a lot of users inside their homes behind their computer.


In any case, AWTimes stops with this detailed 3d presentation, by using poles and sign-cube objects. Now its up to Tomas (#312020) if he could make some kind of diagrams, not necesarily these ones, it could be other diagrams like for instance comparing all sundays...But we will see , anyway the website is very reliable and useful for all of us in AW.