October 2014
  AW Community meetings (october)
http://en.calameo.com/read/00329320599998679a5cb (november issue)
05 October 2014 @ AWCOM world
1. AWCOM world
This meeting was hosted in the world AWCOM , owned by GSK(#348037). The world AWCOM has been opened for this occasion, as is still under construction . The purpose of the world AWCOM is to make a 3D version of the new Activeworlds.com website.
2. Activeworlds.com website
GSK(#348037) has added a some parts of the former AWCom website. In the menu you will find "AWCOM" with 3 new subselections :
http://web.activeworlds.com/gettv.php : awcom smart tv
http://web.activeworlds.com/getradio.php : awcom radio
http://web.activeworlds.com/getplay.php : awcom play
In awcom play will contain soon these awcom webpages : http://awcom.me/play/home.php and : http://awcom.me/play/earnptz.php . Here you can see a points system for several games and contests.
New in the menu is also : "MyAW" : in this menu option, you will be able to add your profile, and it will be used for social networking between AW citizens only. MyAW will be introduced only in 2015 , but now you can see a preview of it.
The menu contains also : "Places -> Events", where you will find the Halloween events for this month http://web.activeworlds.com/halloween.php .
Finally at the lower zone of the main webpage of activeworlds.com , you will find info about the news items for this month.
3. OMG!awards
GSK(#348037) will also host the OMG!awards. These awards will be different from the CyAwards, where everyone can vote for the nominees. The voting for the OMG!awards will be done by a secret council of citizens. The nominations for the categories for the omg!awards will start in november. More info will follow on : http://web.activeworlds.com/omg.php.
4. Activeworlds on a Mac
Another new upgrade of version 6.1 is that Activeworlds can also be used now on a Mac (Apple computer), which means new potential users... On the download page you can find all system requirements information http://web.activeworlds.com/downloads.php
19 October 2014 @ AWReunion 300S 0W (Halloween 2014)
1. Activeworlds Browser Update and Reinstall issues
Some people had problems with the Activeworlds updates of previous week. Before reinstalling the program : Save a copy on a seperate folder on your computer of : the stored teleports, the telegrams, the ini tweaks you have added , and the presets (of created avatars) .(otherwise those data will be lost).
If you download the Activeworlds program on your computer, now the program is no longer stored in the C:/ folder , but is stored now in the Local AppData folder of your computer (see also Community Meeting of 4th May). This is the standard folder for program installations for Windows 8.1 (and future Windows10). Activeworlds will make no extra compiling efforts for other versions (XP, Vista,...).
A local user space is required for all Windows versions after Vista, otherwise there will be "errors accessing to database". There is no need to move the AW folder again to the C: folder, because there will most likely be windows file writing permission issues.
2. Activeworlds Error reporting issues
.If you have crash reports during your AW session, then send the crash reports to Activeworlds (e.g. video memory problems, moving AWG files,...) . These crash reports are stored in the aworld.log file of the Activeworlds folder , then "zip" this aworld.log file and send it on the Activeworlds Support Inquiry webpage.
3. Planning & hosting events
Some events were cancelled lately (SWCity Interactive, Paintball game), however new events are welcome : If you want to host a dance event or game :
* Tell people, send telegrams, find a DJ or use MaxPoly's Radio Station, tell the GateKeepers, use Smaug's Calendar, make a poster, use the AWForum, post it on Activeworlds.com (256x256 or 512x512 pixels), use facebook groups, ...etc.
* But also : Be present at your party , say "hi" to everyone, be friendly and show apreciation that they came to your event
* Timing of announcing your party : a week or 2 in advance (if longer they will forget)
4. Awcom Media Suite
The Awcom Media Suite is an interactive computer/TV which can be used as a working media application object in your world (or in your building world).
In fact it is an awg-file (object group) which you can download and upload into the "groups" folder of your object path. Here is the url link of the awg-file ::
Then load this awg-file in your world : floor01.rwx , then type in he action field :
create group awc_ms, solid no, visible no
Although there is no "webcap"command in the action command , this group object works like a webcap window : by clicking , you can watch videos, pictures, play music , aw games , ...etc.
5. Halloween events :
There are several worlds hosting a Halloween event :
- AWReunion : Halloween Bulding Event - 300s 0w 5a
- AWReunion : Halloween Costume Party on 25th October
- Kenneth world : p20 cemetary world with haunted castle
- Yellow world : Halloween Ball on 31st October
- Earwax world : (built by Enkar)
- America world : 18N 84W (built by Ciena)