September 2014
  AW Community meetings (september)
http://en.calameo.com/read/003293205194c97f397c8 (october issue)
07 September 2014 @ AW Landing Zone
1. Activeworlds.com website
Activeworlds.com has a new website , developed by GSK(#348037). He integrated also his "AWCom.me"-website into the emnu. And for the first time, the members themselves are making the website of Activeworlds.: There is now an input form : http://web.awcom.me/community-input-form/ or http://web.awcom.me/feedback/ where you can make suggestions yourself to modify or update the Activeworlds.com website.
2. Panorama pictures (& useful tips)
A new feature in version 6.1 is the Pano Screen Shot icon , which you will find on the toolbar. By clicking this icon, this will generate 6 screenshot pictures and these will be processed into 1 panoramic picture , which you will find on your computer in the Activeworlds Program 'screenshots" map. Depending on the camera position (1st person/ 3rd person) you can make a panorama picture with or without your avatar in it.
Gremot (#364307) added some applications for panorama pictures : http://photo-sphere.appspot.com/ and google+ ( plus.google.com ) . You can use this pano pictures inside of a tbpictglobe4.rwx object . The imgur.com website is a good site to upload your pictures, because the pixel size of the uploaded pictures is not reduced.
On the new Activeworlds website you have some tips, and you can post your pano picture too http://web.activeworlds.com/makepano.php.
3. AW World Magazine : editions archive
You can view the Magazines from the Calameo website, if you want to dowload , you need to log in into the website.But now there is a new website link, here you can view and also download in PDF format the monthly issues on this page : http://www.smaug.dragonsmaug.com/aworld.html.
The website http://dragonsmaug.com/ contains now also the website of AWSchool. This is because the domain name of AWSchool has expired and Smaug (#322639) took over the content of this website, so that this information could remain online. In the meantime, AWSchool has got a new website.
4. Midi Files
MIDI is updated to use the media command, so multiple MIDI notes can play at same time via multiple Media commands.
Panorama picture example
21 September 2014 @ AWReunion 300S 0W (Halloween 2014)
1. Halloween building event in AWReunion
The Halloween building event in AWReunion 300S 0W has 80 building lots and you can use a huge object path with a huge number of objects&textures to choose from on this website : http://nursemom3d.com/awreunion/materials.php .But you can also visit the objects in 3 different object yards : AWReunion 149S 153W , the world Woodyard at 13N 7E and in Alphaworld, the Tartsugar Object Yard in Alphaworld at 27431S 12596E. Just ask for a building lot at one of the AWReunion staff members.
2. Using the panorama pictures
Gremot (#364307) has made a this tutorial about making pano-pictures with hotspots: http://forums.activeworlds.com/read.php?3,362453. (Not viewable with some IE explorer versions, but viewable on this website : http://home.comcast.net/~awstuff2/pano_hs.html . It's about making web-based clickable hotspots inside the panorama picture, working as a kind of "teleport". An example of the result of this, can be viewed upon this website : http://home.comcast.net/~awstuff/ski-lodge/ .
Another website where you can use the panorama pictures : http://www.ryubin.com/panolab/panoflash/#
3. Activeworlds visitor statistics
Tomas (#312020) has made a data search function which you can view upon the webpage : http://pens.sytes.net/users/. The statistics have started on 13th September,and this website will show the number of online visitors in Activeworlds, day by day, hour after hour.
4. Image font system
On this location in AWReunion with the Halloween building theme event, you will find picture-signs on a kind of yellowish paper, with unual fonts. When right-clicking on the model (= doorpic2a.rwx) , you will also see an "unusual" action command script for it.
This scripting is called the Image font system , which means that you put a text command with fonts upon a picture-model , instead of a sign-model. In fact this scripting technique for fonts existed already for a while and can be viewed upon the website of SWCity: http://www.swcity.net/academy/index.php?n=Main.RobbiesSignGenerator , and this technique can also be used in other public worlds , such as Alphaworld.
Besides these yellowish papers, there is a column with the same text , but with the "normal" action command for a picture sign (.png-file) :
action = create scale 1.4 1.1,picture font_halloween1.png,matfx tex=goldcurt coef=1