August 2014
  AW Community meetings (august)
http://en.calameo.com/read/003293205b0d96637c7a9 (september issue)
03 August 2014 @ AW Landing Zone
1. AW Version 6.1
Activeworlds has changed from version 6.0 to version 6.1 (see also on the Wikipages of Activerworlds) . Version 6.1 will be focused on continuing with improving web and media features, and supporting several web applications .
2 . AW Version 7.0
At the same time , the future version 7.0 is announced on these Wikipages. Version 7.0 will be a major update, introducing a new game engine (GEC= game engine core), read on the forum : http://forums.activeworlds.com/read.php?1,362320 , and Activeworlds will use the Angelscript. Angelscript is an openscource (freeware) program and is easy to use. The plan is to make the scripting so that someone who has an idea of PHP can use it too, so that reaches many more developers than hard C/C++/C# coders. However there is some knowledge of programming needed in order to use it , and there should be organized Angelscript classes in Activeworlds for those who want to begin with it. There is a website with information about it : http://angelcode.com/angelscript/.
It's not clear yet if the Angelscript would replace some bot programs or the SDK (Server Development Kit, used for world admin) .
17 August 2014 @ Paintball world
1. Paintball world
This Meeting was hosted in the world Paintball, where Catwoman (#362936) and Ozyseo (#368259) have started up a paintball game,which will be hosted each monday .
2 . Awcom TV
GSK(#348037) added a new feature to this website AWCom.me : AWComTV. This will offer a variety of apps, including quick access to AWCom network websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, SW City’s website, Sights to See around the universe, Universe Chat (chat with people in other worlds) , and links to official AWI resources.” More info : http://awcom.me/gettv.php. and on the new website : http://web.activeworlds.com/gettv.php. and in Smaug's Aw World Magazine.
3. Aw Home Radio Station
Maxpoly (#299422) has introduced a radio system with multiple radio stations. Basically, it allows anyone to place a working multi station streaming radio in their build.
4. Audio menu
A new item in version 6.1 is in the aw menu : Options > Settings > Audio , where you can choose seperate audio volumes for building mode, telegrams, noises and sounds.