July 2014
  AW Community meetings (july)
http://en.calameo.com/read/003293205b773942df7f7(august issue)
06 July 2014 @ Funbox world
1. Community Picture
There has been spoken about the Community picture ,pictures can be found on the website http://imgur.com/a/DnnJo .
2. CYAwards
The voting finishes today and the festivities for the CyAwards were announced.
3 . Russian Roulette
This meeting was hosted in the world Funbox , owned by GSK(#348037). The game Russian Roulette will be played for the first time, after the Community Meeting.. Next month , the world "Funbox"will be renamed into "Aurora" world.
4. Awcom.me
The website awcom.me (made by GSK(#348037) ) has some new features since the startup of the website in february this year. Now it contains a database of citizens http://comquest.awcom.me/ , and also a webpage where you can add your own stories and articles : http://news.awcom.me/web/.
20 July 2014 @ Alphaworld landing zone (2000N 7000E)
1. Wings3d modeling classes
Genevieve (#281719). will be hosting modeling classes for the next weeks in the world Beimini about modeling in Wings3d and using Gimp and Accutrans.
2. CyAwards results
Most of this community meeting was dedicated to the re-announcing of the CyAwards winners. And there has been talked about what could still be improved for next award events. Look at the results on the "winners" page: : http://cyawards.org
3. AWSchool website
The AWschool world has a new website : http://awschool.info/. The previous website (awschool.com) was owned by the founder of AWschool : Jetta Lewis who has passed away last year. The content of the website has been temporarily preserved on the website of Smaug (#322639). But now there is a new website.