March 2014
  AW Community meetings (march)
http://en.calameo.com/read/0032932054944f7c097b5 (april issue)
2nd March 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . The EBTS contest
* The Extreme Builders Talent Show has ended on 1st march, now it is time to compose a team of judges, the winners will be revealed at next Community Meeting.
2. Current Activities overview
Event/Organization World/Location Hosted by :
Community Meeting See AWForum Bach Zhaa(#360197)
Birthday areas AW 9120W 18864E Nursemom(#304857)
SWCity interactive AW 2218S 3610E TenYearsGone(378183)
Explorers Club Universe entry point Keshi(#352322)
    CableCar Gal(#288431)
Poetry Night   LadyEagleHeart(362541)
TGIF parties AWReunion Mel(#341444)
Physics Club Yellow 1755S 750E OzySeo(#368269)
AWSchool teachers AWschool KennyMcc (#305665)
    Smaug (#322639)
Wings3d class Winter 85N 958W Keshi(#352322)
AWMyths RPG AWMyths Stayit(#361372)
    Neo Rousseau(363550)
Gravity Trivia Venice-Venezia Panne (#365962)
Trivia en français Français Arsène (#152438)
Millionaire game Funbox GSK(#348037)


16th March 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . The EBTS contest results
The 3 winners of the EBTS5 were revealed: James, Ozyseo and Oklahomatraveler.Read more about the EBTS5 contest on the "explore"-webpage : http://www.venice3d.net/2014explore11.html
2. Activeworlds developments news...
Special guest on this AWCM is Chris The Pegasus (#290065) (=Chrispeg). Chris is the actual activeworlds software programmer, and he has restarted with new upgrades this month. (which didn't happen since august 2013). This is the news he brought to us:
* The AW services have been moved from Boston to a new host. (since January)
* The VLC media player SDK has been installed and supports all common media formats (and replaces the Microsoft Windows Media API.)
* Now some plans for the near future :AW hosting will become default when buying a world, 3rd party hosting or home hosting will become optional. The consequence will be that world prices will be higher.
* There also will be offered limited webspaces for your OP with FTP access
* The admin tool will be extended: eg. worlds administration on multi-world hosting