February 2014
  AW Community meetings (february)
2nd February 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . Nitecap
First there was a minute of silence to commemorate Nitecap(#353442) , who has suddenly passed away on 24th of January.
2. Activeworlds : new servers
Activeworlds has been offline for a while : all worlds got moved to new servers.
3 . The EBTS contest
The Extreme Builders Talent Show will be extended by 2 weeks now , so the EBTS5 lasts until the 1st of march. And the EBTS contest appears to be a success : already 43 builders have started to build, only 5 of the 48 building lots are still available. There has also been talking about how the judges for the EBTS will be chosen.
4. Who wants to be a millionnaire
GSK(#348037) announces for his world Funbox, that there will be a special event on 22nd of February at 19:00 VRT , celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Who Wants to be a millionnaire". GSK has got the support of LTBrenton for hosting this game with special prizes, like SWCity rarities, gift cards , etc.


16th February 2014 @ Venice-Venezia world
1 . Gravity Trivia
The Community Meeting was organized in the world Venice-Venezia , owned by Panne (#365962) . In this world there is a new game which is presented now to all visitors. The game itself is called Gravity Trivia, and it is the first interactive game in Activeworlds using the gravity commands.
2. Awcom.me
* GSK(#348037) has also started a new website : http://www.awcom.me This website is a good alternative for the websites awcommunity.org and awportals.com which have because unused and a bit outdated. The purpose of the awcom website is to promote builds, worlds and events. Everyone can add yourself new items to this website : just post here your own build / world / website link or other attraction, just by going to the webpage http://www.awcom.me/data/report .You can add your own pictures as well.
3 . Physics Club Arena
OzySeo(#368269) has started with a Physics Club, made for showing and exchanging ideas concerning the use of AW physics commands. The Physics Club is in the world Yellow 1755S 750E. There are 48 building lots, every can get a building lot and build nice examples with physics .