Ameleta : Reunion Party

On Saturday 22nd march 2014 , there has been a reunion party in the world Ameleta (in the AW-Europe universe). The reason for this has been the return of Edje and Free, which have been away for nearly 2 years. They had the building world Edsdream which has been opened from 2006 until 2012, and also a lot of other worlds where they organized parties and quest games (Fantasia, Fantasi2 , Angels, Games01, Games02, Alive, Dream4u2 , ...), and they also had a lot of friends , some of which were caretakers.

All those friends have been invited to celebrate their return, and so that everyone could meet again and talk about the good times they had shared together in AW-europe.


People @ this party : Jojo, Jeffrey, Desgros, Panne, Telenet018, Erwin ,Anne, Robbie, Wilma, Ruben, Kenneth, Ben, Jentee, Bloom , Free, Edje, Dave, Bllubber, Winnetou, Artorius, Rudymars, Harmen015 , Roxiee ,Wil. , Tristan885 , Ricardo , Joey, Matthew, Serena and Logan.