Universes and galaxies

Activeworlds.com is a website with more than 600 worlds, which developes its own software and upgrades . Since 2003, Activeworlds has offered universes (with several worlds) and galaxies (with 1 world only) for sale . And since then a lot of people have decided to start their own galaxy or universe . This means that you can also visit a lot of other websites, where you will meet other 3d chatters using the same Activeworlds software.

Due to other competing 3d programs (Activeworlds itself is suffering too and has seen a constant decrease from 2000 until june 2013) and due to the fact that it is not easy to manage the galaxy or universe on your own, combined with the huge costs and efforts involved with it, several galaxies and universes have decided to stop again their activities.

But there are still a lot of sites which can be visited, in spite of all the galaxies and universes that have stopped.



Activeworlds is the "mother company" for all the other universes and galaxies : here you will always have the most rest versions and upgrades of the program. The univeres contains more than 600 worlds, some of which contain very useful information, that you won't find in other universes or galaxies : e.g. object yard worlds, awschool , freebies world, ..etc.),

Every user in the other universes or galaxies indirectly depends on the activities of Activeworlds. All development news about the upgrades in the AWWiki pages is also important for them, because sooner or later, the upgrades will be implemented in those universes or galaxies too. This means that Activeworlds is important for all these users too. At this moment,the aw version 6.0 is used in Activeworlds , using ocean rendering and reflections.

websites : activeworlds.com / wiki.activeworlds.com

AW-Europe is a universe with ±90 worlds, and is the most successful universe after Activeworlds, and has been started since 2003. Universe owner is Emmanuel and the company is located in the Netherlands, and AW-Europe is the official distributor of the Activeworlds program in Europe for business solutions , but also for private universes or galaxies. Main visitors group speak dutch and english, but you can also meet people speaking french, spanish , italian , russian , etc...

AW-Europe has the world Titanic, which is a very popular world and from which Aw-Europe gets most of its visitors, in 2005 at the launch, there were 5000 simultaneous visitors, also because it was TVnews in the Netherlands. In 2012, exactly 100 years after the Titanic disaster, the Titanic version 2 was launched, and there where 170 simultaneous visitors.AW-Europe uses the aw version 5.0.

There were also a wikis page (3dwiki.nl wrtten in dutch), but when the universe L3DAW (also from the Netherlands) got down, this supportive website got down as well. The payment website is called awexchange.com , here you can get free citizenship. The content of this website got lost in 2016, when the company who gave the support to that website got bankrupt. There has been made efforts to remake the website, but without success. Nowadays, you can only enter as a tourist and explore the worlds.

websites : aw-europe.com / titanic3d.com

AW-Europe is still online today (last checkup in january 2019 )

Cybernetworlds is a smaller, familiar universe with 15 worlds and users the aw version 4.1.

website : http://www.cybernetworlds.com/

Cybernetworlds stopped its services , probably in 2016.

Activeworlds Russia is a universe for Russian visitors, but its always interesting to have a visit there. Actually, you will find ± 30 worlds, but the worlds are huge (just like Russia is huge). Most of the worlds have nice object sets (buildings, plants,...). Main world to visit is the world Stroybat.

One problem is of course the language, all info is typed in cyrillic signs. AWRussia uses the aw version 5.1.

websites : activeworlds.ru / forum.activeworlds.ru

AW-Russia is still online today (last checkup in january 2019 )

AWEDUverse is a universe for educational purposes and there are ±55 worlds and the aw version 5.0. is used.

AWEDU changed in 2015 into : AW3DU. Access to that website is not obvious.


aw3du is still online today (last checkup in january 2019 )

LeVillage3D is a small universe with 9 worlds and is completely in french language. In LeVillage you still have the aw version 3.6 which already has a lot of possibilities.

In LeVillage3D you have a chat system where you will see the chat of all worlds together in the chat window.

website : http://www.levillage.org/

LeVillage3d stopped its services , probably in 2016.

Italcity is an italian galaxy, with 1 world with size p75. All visitors speak italian , and there is free citizenship for everyone , and the aw version 4.2 is used.

website : http://www.italcity.com/

On this webpage you will also find the italcity map , and a catalog where you can search all the registered objects you can use in this galaxy.

Italcity stopped its services , probably in 2017. There still exists a facebook page with many pictures.

Nuovita is also an italian galaxy, also 1 world with size p75. All visitors speak italian , and there is also free citizenship for everyone, and there is also a catalog webpage for the objects. The only difference is that Nuovita still uses the version 3.6. , but in spite of that, Nuovita is also interesting to visit. Nuovita uses an advanced midi music player and you will find an "advanced" games area.

website : http://www.nuovita.com/ or http://www.nuovita.it/

Nuovita stopped its services , in april 2018. The website however, is still online and still has useful information (in italian)

The galaxy founder is called Alep and he has restarted another galaxy called Scuola3d. (version 4.1).

website: http://www.scuola3d.eu/ has its own wiki pages : http://www.scuola3d.eu/wiki

This website is still online, and you can still download the program, the program won't connect to the server , because the galaxy itself is offline.

Planetlore is a galaxy (p50 world) and the aw version 5.0 is used here.

Planetlore stopped its services probably in 2015.


3dee is a dutch universe with ±15 worlds . Most of the visitors speak dutch (and most of them can speak english too).

3dee uses the aw version 4.2.

http://www.3dee.com/ (or in dutch : http://www.3dee.nl/)

3dee stopped its services in 2015 . Also the wiki page 3dwiki.nl want down.


Videoranch is a galaxy specialized in live performances of artists. It has recently been upgraded . (Videoranch3d.com).

Although Videoranch3d is still online today, with version 6.2 , the object path is not loading anymore...

3DNetz is a german universe (version 3.6) , went offline, but has restarted its activities.

(3DNetz.de )

The website is still online, and you can still download the program, the program won't make a connection to the server , because the universe itself is offline.




e-sfk 3d is a german galaxy owned by Sentafire and the aw version 5.0 is used here. You will find a complete range of 3d objects.

website : http://3dgalaxy.e-sfk.com/

e-fsk-3d is still online today (last checkup in january 2019 )

Galaxies & Universes which have stopped their activities :

Cybernetworkls, Dreamlandpark, Spiralmatrix, Outerworlds, DotSoul, StagecoachIsland, AgapeWorldFellowship,Newfoundland, Castles, Chicago3d, Pikoisland, Dadaworlds, Reddoggalaxy, Unknowngalaxy, Rumorfeller, PeaceCity , L3DAW, Surf3d,...etc.

http://www.frobozz.us/short_list.php shows the situation in 2005.