The explorers Club


11 january - Although there has been a Christmas party in Kitteths , the Explorers Club decided to come back to Kitteths to visit the rest of this p20 world. Nitecap(#353442) is the world owner of Kitteths, and everything in this world is about cats, which are ruling their own life here and doing all kinds of human activities : harvest the crops, navigating speedboats, milking the cows, watching a concert ,making a barbecue, watching television (you can look with the cat at the 20 minutes video about funny cats), enjoying the fireplace, getting drunk, etc...



You will also see this "cat sphinx" building at 0n 2E , where you can see the cat's 10 commandments. Apart from flying around and exploring ,you can also try out a nice and funny bowling game on location 1N 6W.

Finally some "line dancing" on the dancefloor, before continuing to party in the world AWSchool....

People @ this event : Smaug, Ciena, Keshi, CableCar Gal, Old Kunnel, Nitecap, Gorian, TenYearsGone, Red Sorceress, Nursemom, John22 , Panne, Chumana, Bach Zhaa, BlueRidge Boy and Draconis.