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  AW : Bleakwood

15 November - The Explorers Club went to Alphaworld (AW) where they have visited Bleakwood, which is a town area built by Kuma Bear (#366012). Kuma Bear is a very good builder and she has won a CyAwards this year (Virtual Art Design). The building area of Kuma Bear is huge and reaches an area of 200 cells into each direction....and it's not only the town of Bleakwood but also the surrouding landscape that is amazing.....

Kuma Bear came to AW in 2010 and has started building her own town Bleakwood in Alphaworld, and when exploring other worlds, she saw that most of the buildings were rather empty. In Bleakwood, every building has furniture in it and most of the buildings have a function.

Bleakwood is also a town of building ideas : it's not just putting some objects in a house , but by using advanced building techniques, she hopes that others visitors can learn from it and keep returning to Bleakwood as a source of information : cloth, gravity command , creating a digital clock, making hills with the shear command, use of the vrt timer command,.... Kuma Bear also uses a wider range of textures than the average builder, by using for examples the texture of the sw-city website and the yellow-world website ...etc . And if a model doesn't exist yet, then she creates by making a composition of object parts and textures.

Read her article in the AWForum : "Bleakwood grows" :


On the map you can see in orange the "actual" building area of land covered by Kuma Bear. The "actual" area, because Kuma Bear keeps expanding Bleakwood month after month. The purple areas are the borders of Bleakwood, where Kuma Bear announces that you are entering Bleakwood . As you can see on the map, then you are still more than 100 cells away from the town centre of Bleakwood...

16053N 26867W - Kuma Bear calls this area the "Peace Plaza" and is the center of Bleakwood. At the corner of the plaza , you will find the digital clock (VRTtime), which is also rotating at the same time.

As a newbie, it's difficult to see how you can make yourself a digital clock. In the forum however, she refers to position 1999N 6558E, where she explains how to make the clock.

On the peace plaza , you will find also the CYAward trophy , which she has won in july of this year.

16056N 26871W - This small Ice Cream cart is not an object, but it's a perfect choice of standard objects, textures and masks

16056N 26883W - The handbags in the "Dove-Way Luggage"-shop aren't real models, but they are in fact rescaled and retextured beer glasses ...

16055N 26884W - In the office "Fortnight Reality", you will find a coffee machine, but it's in fact a particle emitter from the Yellow objectpath: ../../CofYellow/models/coffeemachine.rwx

16058N 26880W -Inside the "Kuma Coffee" shop, you will find a fire extinguisher , not a real model , but made with different parts. All the furniture consists of modified models

16058N 26898W - The mountain, which is located just behind the Peace Plaza , consists in fact of pictwlkh.rwx -objects, which are modified with the shear command .

16084N 26915W - Making a field of crops , wheat or corn : (model:)w3pan_1000e.rwx (action:) create texture road10 mask=flo2m,solid no

16067N 26922W - Making a new kind of tree : (model:) t_awhedge02.rwx (action:) create scale 1.2 .4 1.2 , and for the trunk : (model:) p1cyl0025f.rwx (action:) create texture tbbark9

16048N 26917W - Info desk : by clicking on "housing" or "business" you will have a sequence of messages appearing on the screen.

16040N 26908W - Street with houses : every house has furniture inside. In order to keep a high frame rate, the "radius" command is used : the objects are only loading when you are inside the house.

16027N 26877W - Just by using the appropriate textures you can make a nice railway: (model:) p2cube1000.rwx , (action:) create picture http://objects.activeworlds.com/cofyellow/textures/pel_trolleytrack_s2.jpg,shear 0 .1 0 0


16047N 26866W - Ursine development building
16041N 26884W - Hospital - room with swinging doors : (model:) doorpic2b.rwx
(action:) create scale .769 1.02,picture http://tex.swcity.net/subwdoor1b.png,solid no, sound silence.wav,collider avvel mass=9, hinge limit="100 .25";activate velocity 0 0 0 0 10 0 ltm global
16046N 26925W - Bleakwood Post Office : this van is made of rescaled standard models and with the textures from the standard path and yellow path


16157N 27004W - This is an ordinary sheep made with standard objects, but with advanced commands. The head is moving just like an avatar sheep. For the eyes :
(model:) p1cyl0005c.rwx
(action:) create name sh7,scale 1 .46,color black,shear -.06 0 0 0 0 -.1
When you use the shift key and go down below the grass field, then you will see pole-objects, containing the action for this name command.
(model:) pole4m.rwx
(action:) at vrt ::58, rotate -2 0 0 time=3 wait=.1 name=sh7 global
For the grass :
(action:) create scale .5 1,solid no,picture http://objects.activeworlds.com/cofyellow/textures/swwheat.gif
16045N 26922W - These muffins are rescaled and retextured objects :
(model:) p1hsph0025.rwx
(action:) create texture newday1;activate visible no
Also the plate undernearth is a rescaled and retextured standard object :
(model:) p1cyl0200b.rwx
(action:) create scale .8 .2 .4,texture thwpaper1
(model:) drink02.rwx
(action:) create scale 1,texture sink2


16047N 26923W - Bleakwood Town Hall
Inside the building there has been thought about every detail : a wide variety of nice pictures and posters , every room has its function., there is are info desks, toilets, elevators and outside there are also parking places for the disabled.
16007N 26983W - Wind turbine park
16032N 26935W - Bleakwood entry point
16029N 26945W - Supermarket : most of the packaging of the brands has been used from the swcity and cofyellow websites. For the trolley basket :
(model:) booth.rwx
(action:) create scale .4 .3 .3,texture metal1 mask=rail1m

15897N 26947W - Gazoline Station with shop
This shop has been built this year, and you will find again a lot of products, but a lot of textures are replaced by the "name" command, so that the exact texture link is "unknown". But Kuma Bear keeps no secrets : if you go down by pressing the shift-key , you will see the "texture controls " , and the "employees sequences"
15907N 26963W - Industrial area
All machines have been made with standard objects look how the tyres are made:
(model:) rustydrum.rwx
(action:) create link bwg7,scale 1.5 .3 1.5,texture ../../cofyellow/textures/rb_fall_tire1.jpg
All the machines are also movers : by using the "create link" command, the objects with the same link name belong to the same mover.


15899N 26949W - "Burger Barn" : building containing a lot of ideas ....
15900N 26944W - This is how the inox washbasin has been made:
(model:) unit01.rwx
(action:) create scale 1.35 .65 .6,texture sink1
(model:) boardh2m.rwx
(action:) create scale 1.35 .65 .6,texture sink1
Look also inside the diswasher , just beside of the washbasin..
When you turn around , you will find this cooking-range, this is how a burger is made :
(model:) p1cyl0025a.rwx
(action:) create texture wood1
And this is how you make deep-frying fat :
(model:) boardh2m.rwx
(action:) create scale .6 1 .8,texture pud1,color tint yellow,opacity .6
15984N 26950W - Shopping mall "Arctos Plaza"
Every building has a function ,and every shop has a different activity, making a wide variety of objects and ideas...
15992N 26945W "Pascuale's Pizzeria"
Inside you will find other type of wasbasin and diswasher
16025N 26959W - "Kuma Bears Idea and Fun Yard"
This is not an object or texture yard, but a yard of building ideas, like you would only see in the world AWSchool.
The list would be too long to show all the building ideas which Kuma Bear has made in Bleakwood since 2010, but certainly you will see a lot of her ideas in the future articles of these AWTimes webpages.....