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  AWTeen : Spiral Glacier Ski Area

18 October - Today's Explorers Club event took us to the world AWTeen , where we were invited to look at Foxmore o's build : The Spiral Glacier Ski Area.

Foxmore o (#349753) is the special guest at this event , and he has been an Activeworlds citizen since 2002 and has started with this project in 2005 and kept developing with new additional areas. The Spiral Glacier Ski Area is containing now over 30.000 trees , which has been built with the help of a bot. Also building the mountains with this bot took a lot of time to realize.

In real life Foxmore likes skiing a lot too , so he thought to make a ski area in 3D ,where everyone can experience what skiing is really like....

The Spiral Glacier Ski Area is located in AWTeen on position 256S 3008W , where you arrive at some kind of experimental area , but where you will find alos a tutorial area. Here is explained how to use the skis, sliders, and snowboard "movers" and how to use the chair lift , skis with different speed, ...etc.

The tutorial area contains a teleport center : "Tour locations" (= 259S 3008W), where you choose "Overlook and main lift drop-off" to the "GZ - top near the edge" or to the "Main lift base".

As you can read in Foxmore's ski lessons, the ski/snowboards movers leave a track of dots or squares , so that it is easier to follow the trace of someone else who is skiing together with you.

When teleporting to the "GZ - top near the edge", you will arrive at a small ski hut , and behind this hut you will find several ski sets. By clicking upon these skis you can use them as movers, and when moving around you will see behind your avatar a trace of some coloured (circular or square) dots on the ground showing the path you have followed with these pair of skis.

You can also teleport to the "Overlook and main lift drop-off" , here you will be teleported directly upon a pair of skis , and in front of you you will find a sign object , telling you to click upon the sign , and by doing this you are in fact attaching the ski movers to your avatar. When going forward , you will notice that you are wearing a pair of skis. Instead of clicking upon the skis, you are clicking here upon a panel.

Now we can choose the "ski run" , we can choose between "Green Circle" which is the easiest ride, "Blue Square" is already for more advanced skiers, and "Black Diamond" is for the expert skiers and the tracks are often dangerous too.

Now you can start skiing : just go forward on the path between the trees into the direction of the laser beams : green laser beams for the Green Circle, blue laser beams for the Blue Square and black laser beams for the Black Diamond.

The 3 ski runs go in a circular track which is in a counterclockwise sense, of which the green track is the longest track in the outside area of the mountain, whereas the black track follows the inner area of the ski run , those 3 ski runs have a spiral shape, and that's why Foxmore called this the The Spiral Glacier Ski Area.

At the end of the 3 tracks, you will arrive at the Main Lift, from here you can either teleport back to "GZ - top near the edge" area , or you can choose to take the chair lift. In fact there are no chairs, but it is in fact a track of "warps " , which will make "walking" your avatar back to the top. You can also click upon the vertical rectangulars to proceed with the warps .

On the tour locations panel (= AWTeen 259S 3008W) , you will also find a yellow button called "ski trials'" , which will teleport you to Alphaworld :
AW 20000N 4500W "Ski Trails"
These "Ski Trails" , give an alternative way of enjoying the skiing techniques.
You can start making a slalom track from one of these positions :
19993N 4499 W 3a = "peak number 1"
19950N 4415W 10a = "upper meadows"
19930N 4414W 30a
19950N 4429W 31a
19931N 4473W 30a
19925N 4368W 33a = "peak number 2"
From peak number 2,you can do 5 different trails.

After a while, when everyone had tried out the skiing event, it was "airship time" : we teleported back to the Tutorial/Laboratory area, where we entered into the giant blimp, which was large enough for being a dance hall. Inside the blimp airship, there is a retro-style radio with multiple radio stations and a dance sequences set to make the party complete. As an extra, Foxmore's surprise act was a lightshow with a starlight sky, which changed the blimp airship into a space ship.

Foxmore is looking for some more ski partners ... :)

People at this event : Foxmore o , Judge Juvet , Alexaril , Red Sorceress, Smaug, Keshi, Panne, DragonGolfer, Sir Greendown, Dark Fire&Ice , Kirmden , Sovia, TeenWolf, and Catwoman.