The explorers Club

20 September - The second Explorers Club event of this month went to the world RedRoses, which is a p50-world owned by Catwoman (#362936) and she is from Germany. The world light settings of RedRoses has a light yellow tint, which does create a world with a different atmosphere than in other worlds. You can fly around in this world, but the world contains lots of objects, which might take some time to load into the cache of your computer. When entering the world, you will also notice the abundance of red flowerbeds.

The world exists since 2006, but constantly new builds have been added. Catwoman did get the help of Enkii (#363787) for the landscaping of the world. The world has not only a lot of trees , but also a wide variety of them. You will find hills and rocks in every area in the world, creating mini-worlds for each group of houses belonging to the same theme. And you will find a lot of rivers flowing from one side to the other side of the world, and keeping the natural shape, you won't see any canals.

When you start to explore RedRoses , you will also find in every part of the world nice houses, but with different styles (modern, cottage, metal, futuristic, medieval, roman, far west,...) , but all houses are decorated and furnished with an eye for interior & design. As every house contains a large variety of nice objects , there are lots of items to be downloaded.

Let's look at some examples of these houses.....

At location 21S 36E you will find the Video Hall of RedRoses, where you will find several video screens with some unusual short video movies. Also here you will find lots of decorations


At position 46N 38E you will find the entrance to the Zoo , where you will find elephants, giraffes , rhinoceros, bears, deers,... .In the center you will find 2 buildings, the first building at 28N 45E has a nice aquarium , however you will find a better attraction at location 33N 48E where you have the entrance to the Underwater Aquarium. First you must pass through a rather sophisticated elevator and then you will find a huge aquarium in the middle of the hall : by using stairs, you can also take a look at the lower part of the aquarium. The hall contains also some smaller aquariums.

Catwoman invited us finally to the Discotheque on location 31N 28E, where you will find a dance sequence center , and on 32N 32E there is a lights & sounds studio. You will also see at the disco entrance and also inside , that there are a lot of cow models. After having explored RedRoses, you will have seen some cow models elsewhere too : perhaps you saw them flying in the air, or at the entrance of the roman building on location 7N 4E , or you could have seen an aquarium with cows, because cows can swim too :).

Some people @ this Explorers Club event : Red Sorceress, Maxpoly, Toxor, GSK , Astroh, Catwoman, Chumana , Tinkerbell91 ,KittenWithClaws, Keshi , Panne, Lady Dragon, Bach Zhaa, Enkii , Old Kunnel and OzySeo.