The explorers Club

06 September - Tolculda is p40-sized world owned by Dachs (#130494), who is from Germany. The world exists already since 2006 but the world is still unknown to most of the citizens, not because the world has signs with german text , but rather because it isn't obvious to explore the "entire" world , because of some world settings and hidden teleports.

The world conists of several islands and the main island is called Tolculda, which is a kind of fantasy island, but there is still a lot more to be seen , and this explorers club event was a big surprise for most of the visitors.

The world entry point is located at position 36S 36W , here you enter in a closed room with pictures of bas-reliefs of some ancient civilizations, and in the middle of the room you will find 3 circular shaped panels : 1 panel is a mirror, the second panel will teleport you to avatars which are for sale, and the 3rd panel is called "Klosterinsel" (= "Monestary Island"). When you look at your avatar, you will see that you cannot use the CAV , but only the avatars of the world avatar list, but as Dachs models his own avatars, it is worthwile to try them out. .

If you want to teleport to the monestary island however, you need to bump with your avatar against the panel (instead of clicking) . Now you can start exploring the monestary, the library, the church and the gardens surrouding the monestary and you will notice that it's quite a small island.

When finished exploring the monestary island, it is time to take the Viking boat (35S 37W 5a) , which is a server controlled mover : you need to click upon the mast and the boat will start to navigate and will make a trip over the ocean, and you will arrive at a sort of "rock island".

When navigating towards the "rock island" and on the rock island itself, you already have a view upon Tolculda, where you can see a nice egyptian boat and other vessels. But in the world settings, the maximum visibility is 120 meters with a bit of fog too. By using this visibilty limit, this world seems larger then it really is, because most of the Tolculda island is not releaved yet from a distance of 120 meters. So it is time to explore....

On the rock island, you will find a second mover-boat , which is a small egyptian cane boat. And this boat will bring you to the harbour of Tolculda island.

In the harbour of Tolculda, you will find a large wooden medieval crane , and also some fortified walls of a medieval village. This is also the world entry point for the explorers club event, because it was quite difficult to organize the event from the monestary island (=world entry point), because if everyone would have to take the boat movers to get to Tolculda, this would take a lot of time, because only 1 visitor can navigate the boats at the same time and you would have to wait until the boats have been "reset" again, before a second visitor can start to navigate the boats too.

But first, before starting to explore the island, we will store the location of the harbour of Tolcuda into our teleport list : Teleport - Remember : Remember current location as : Tolculda 19S 6E - Harbour (we add the description Harbour). Now when you press F9, and go to the teleports tabsheet, you will find this location in your teleports list.

The reason why we store this teleport is because the world contains some hidden teleports, which will bring you to a tomb which greek paintings, and you won't be able to teleport back to the Tolculda island. Being locked up into that tomb means in fact, that "you have died" or "you have been killed". Those dangers are : approaching a dragon, bump against a leopard , a bear or a soldier,...etc, and even just fall into the ocean will teleport you to that tomb.

To get out of that tomb, you can either re-enter the world and start all over again by navigating the boats, or you the teleport to the harbour again (in your teleport list). Another possibility is joining another visitor into the world. But in the world settings, there is avatar collision , which means that you can be stuck into the avatar of the other visitor, and the shift doesn't work here, so you will have to teleport again. And another possibility is to teleport to a location of which you "think" will be a location somewhere on Tolcuda , and then you also better add an altitude of 5 or higher, in order to prevent that you arrive into the ocean water again.

Dachs (#130494) has also a website to support the Tolculda world : http://www.belfalas.de/

The website contains several webpages , which several subjects. One of the subpages is http://www.belfalas.de/dachs.htm. Here you will find webpages with payware and some freeware objects, webpages about historal buildings, ...etc

And also the webpage of the world Tolculda : http://www.belfalas.de/tolculda.htm . Unfortunately, the website is in german, here some info about it : The world existed first in the universe City4all, but when this site had stopped, the world has been moved to Activeworlds. Tolculda is described as "Insel des gelb-roten feuers" which means "Island of the yellow-red fire". On the world webpage you will find a helpful map of the Tolculda island, copy of which you can find here.

At the west side you will find the Harbour (Hafen) which is located just south of Silmotiris (the medieval village), but we will start exploring the isle by going south into the direction of the greek temple and make the island tour by ending at the medieval village.

We go towards the Greek Temple (27S 9E 5a) and go to the right where we will find the entrance to the Villa Rustica (29S 5E 5a), which is a nice roman villa, which contains a patio and 3 rooms with the typical roman ornamentals and frescos, with the same beauty as the villas we have seen in the world AWRome.

Next place is the stone circle (37S 4E 5a). Be aware that you don't bump against a leopard or a bear, this will teleport you to the greek tomb.

We go back to the greek temple and now we go to the left side where we follow the path and see a circular temple (31S 14E 5a) when going inside, you will arrive into a tunnel which arrives at in a room with greek statues , and in front of the sea with view upon the egyptian boat. We return to the circular temple entrance and continue the path, and arrive at the entrance of a medieval castle (34S 24E 5a) : don't forget to click upon the wooden bridge and also beware of the soldier inside. We continue the path and arrive at some kind of nuclear plant (33S 33E 5a) and you also have the entrance to Morrowind, but this attraction is still unfinished. We continue the path until we see a peak rock , and follow the path throug that peak rock, and arrive at a harbour cave and the path ends at a pub called "Zur Einsamer Klippe" (32S 29E 2a).

We return to again to the other side of the port cave where you can enter the 3rd door , behind the crates in this room, you will find a tunnel network , change your avatar into Zwerg or Zwergin (dwarf/female dwarf) if you want to try them out. But we will return again to the pointed rock and arrive at the Starlight Casino (13S 34E 5a), which is a kind of extra-terrestral pub. The path continues around a Ziggurat (= "Wendelturm") and you will see some Easter Island statues too , and all kind of small temples until we reach an alley with sfinxes leading to a nice Egyptian temple (8S 23E 5a)

We continue and climb the stairs and follow the path to the center of the island, where you will arrive at the Wizardtower mountain (="Zauberberg"), we go inside an bump against the wizard and listen what he has to say. We return again to where we came from, because the other path leads to the dragon cave, and you will die (greek tomb).

At the left side of the path, you can see a marshland with yellow smoke, which is located in the center of Tolculda . Tolculda means in fact : land of yellow fire. There is also a wooden path going through this marshland, but it's better to return and avoid this dangerous area.


We arrive at a small village, where you will have some other attractions. You will find Captain Nemos Underwater Bar (3S 14E 5a), inside this bar you will see 2 androids dancing for you. There is a Maya temple, there is a Maze (12S 12E 5a) and there is a Horse house (10S 14E 5a),and the entrance at 9S 17E 5a will lead you to the harbour cave.

Finally we reach the gateway of Silmotiris ( 13S 11E 5a), the medieval village, we you can visit a nice Gothic Castle (14S 8E 5a) in italian style , and you will find a blacksmith in action. The other side of the village, you have another gate which will lead you to the harbour of Tolculda.

Now we have seen a lot of the buildings of the Tolculda island, but when you know that Tolculda is only the SE-area of the world , and that the Monestary Island is located in the SW-area, then we know that we only have seen a small part, and still need to explore the north part of the world. Just by teleporting to these areas, we have discovered that this is the best part of the world : these are landscapes and models which Dachs has modeled in a later period , with improved modeling skill, and here you will see an object yard with hundreds of buildings of ancient civilizations : roman, greek, persian, assyrian, egyptian,...etc.

We discovered an island with a Minoic Palace on position 21S 17W 10a , the ancient minoic culture was located in Crete (Greece) . There is also a tunnel entrance, and going through the tunnel netwerk , you will arrive in a room (28.5S 21W 2a) where you can see the Monestary island from the terrace. From this room you can teleport back to the harbour of Tolculda.

Another nice island is located at 31N 1W 5a , which is in fact a kind of harbour, surrounded by huge cliffs. In the harbour , there is a small temple and a waterfall, but when you follow the wooden path of the harbour, you will arrive at a wooden door which teleports you to the i Crystal Cave , here you will find nicely textured crystals. Inside the cave you will find another wooden door , which will teleport you to Tolculda island on position 34S 26E 5a, in front of the medieval castle . And you see also a wooden door, where you can teleport back to the Crystal Cave island : just by exploring you will find each time new teleports : on Tolculda , there should also be a teleport somewhere to get the minoic island as well.

When climbing the cliffs of the crystal cave island , you can see other buildings in the neighbourhoud, and we can teleport to these places : Copy and paste the coordinates and don't forget to add the altitude , because some places are also located above the Tolculda island. These areas can be sonsidered as an open air museum of historal buildings of ancient civilizations, and which are all part of the Unesco heritage.

area 1 :
26N 22W 30a - Babylon : Ishtar-Gate - Persepolis Gate - Hatussas : Liongate - David of Michelangelo
29N 26W 30a - Lighttower of Pharos
28N 16W 30a - Pantheon in Rome
35N 14W 10a - Roman Theatre
area 2 :
26N 39W 5a - Roman Hippodrome
23S 14E 30a - Babyloneon walls - partially destroyed due to the war in Iraq.
39S 25E 30a - Persepolis and Ninive
4N 11E 30a - Ziggurat and Hamurabi stone
39S 19E 30a - Hatussas : Liongate
33S 13E 30a - Efese : Celcius Library - Athens : Pergamon Altar
28S 26E 30a - Egyptian building
35S 6E 30a - Villa of Hadrianus - Villa in Pompei - Roman bath
area 3 : object yard area
18S 2E 30a - columns, walls, avatars, seqs , etc...


These people have been photographed during this Explorers Club event : Keshi, Ciena, Red Sorceress, Bach Zhaa, Sovia, Darkmatter, Panne, Nono, TenYearsGone, Chumana, ClaudeFR, Sweets, Astroh and Bloody Rift.