The explorers Club

09 August - This time the explorers outing went to the world Escapade , this world is owned and built by Cameleon (#380556) , also known as Ms Sue. She has built this world during several years and its a p40 fantasy world, containing castles, knights, wizards, swan boats, prehistoric birds ,etc. The world has a beautiful appearance with an entertaining experience, every different subject that can be visited has also a sound or melody to bring everything into the right atmosphere.

The world entry point is located at 28N 28E , where you could find a picture of Cameleon and there is a teleport center as well. The gz area is partially surround by a high stone wall, which can be found all over the world, probably this wall was previously the border line of a p30 world and later Ecapade has been expanded to a p40 world.

3N 17W Brougham Castle - This is one of the largest buildings in the center of the world. The castle contains huge walls, inside there is a wide space surrounded by several huge castle buildings. Most of the rooms are filled with furniture and lots of decorations. There is also a library building with painted ceilings.

As most of the buildings in this world have furniture and decorations inside, there are several areas in this world where the visibility should be put at the lower range (e.g visibility at 120 instead of 200) , in order to prevent that the framerate gets too low.

4S 18E - Ville de Marguerite : this village has been dedicated to Cameleon's mother who has passed away in 2011. There have been villages in other worlds using the same models and usually with empty rooms, but here in Escapade every room has a different interior with with nice pieces of furniture, carpets ,curtains and paintings and decorations, and all rooms have a different.wallpaper.

20n 1W - Salisbury Cathedral - this is rather a small building with stained glass windows, and behind the building you will find a cemetary with unique tombstone models , dedicated to some dear members which had a passion for Activeworlds .

1N 14W - Royal Crypt - also here you will find coffins with the names of deceased members which have done a lot for the Activeworlds community.

9S 25W - Royal Collie Castle - this is a small castle with a nice garden in the middle. In the building that surrounds the garden , there is a picture gallery about all kinds of dogs , because Cameleon loves dogs.


3S 3E - Prehistoric birds ride - there are also more entertaining attractions, like this prehistoric birds ride.

1N 19E - Norwich Market - here you will find the best offer of 3d food models

6S 12W - Stone Hedge Dungeon - for those who like horror scenes, this is one of the places to be

21S 3W - Knight Barracks - also being inside this huge castle is pretty scary.

15N 20E - Escapade Theatre - this theatre may be a small building, but inside you will find a panoramic screen where you can watch a wide range of movies . You just need to click upon one of the signs on the walls and watch small movies about greek theaters, the escapade tour or one of the many music video clips.

18N 1E - Wexford Opera House - this is in fact a building which can be found also in other 3d worlds. The building set is offered for sale on the website of Starheart http://www.sh3d-design.com/. This opera model set is a very nice model set, so it's worthwhile to show some pictures of the interior.


Outside the wall located on the p30 border line, you will still find some other smaller buildings of which the content is less important, but outside the p40 zone however, which is outside the building zone, you will find also a lot of nice things !!

Cameleon managed to make a lot of isles with buildings, rocks, plants, boats,....One of the techniques to do that is by making models with a rotation point widely outside the gravity point. Another world who has used the same technique is the world Alvacado.

This Explorers Club has been again a success, the world reached the top of the visitors list, these were some of the visitors at this event : Keshi, CableCar Gal, ORB, Catwoman , Panne, Bach Zhaa, Zanna, Red Sorceress, Highwayman, Enkii, Minty, Chumana, KittenWithClaws , Sovia, Sweets, Smaug, TenYearsGone , Illumex, Bloody Rift, Alexaril, Buzzin, Toxor and GSK