The explorers Club

14 June - For this he explorers club event , we went to the world Minutia, which represents Victoria BCs famous "Miniature World" attraction celebrating 40 years in business by opening up this virtual portal . You will find different themes, such as Space 2201, Calgary village in the 1890s, Camelot and Gulliver Travels. The world has been built during 2.5 years with contributions from a number of highly skilled AW addicts , e.g. Maxpoly(#299422) . Special guest for this event was Artist3d (#335158).

The world entry point is 49S 50E this is in 1 corner of this p50-sized world, and you can start following the paths which often go into zig-zag lines, climbing up mountains , or going to other places to visit. This makes the world is larger than it really is.The first curiosity is a sphere which is lighting up and we see a large hand holding the globe. When approaching you will be teleported to Miniature World. (or you can enter via 36S 5W)

You will arrive at a street where people are gathered in front of the Miniature World Museum. When entering the museum, you will see that there is also a website http://miniatureworld.com/ and that this represents a museum which also exists in real life (as the world has been created to celebrate the museums anniversary). In the museum itself you will an overview of the curiosities of the real Miniature Museum. What you will find in the p50 world Minutia are some of the themes of the Miniature Museum. Some attractions inside the museum have also teleport links to locations inside the p50-world. When you explore the website , you will notice that Miniature world already exists as a galaxy , now Minutia has also become one of the worlds in the Activeworld universe.

One of the teleports inside the museum brings you inside the Miniature Air Blimp to location 20.96N 23.61E -85.09a 120 , which is in fact underground, but when looking through the windows, you will see the clouds . When leaving again the Miniature Museum, you will see a giant avatar in the street , which will make you believe that you are yourself a part of this Miniature world.

Also on several parts of this 3D world you will find huge screens in the sky with people watching you : this makes the impression that they represent the visitors of the Miniature Museum, while you are a miniature avatar in a miniature world .

Now it's time to explore the rest of the world. There is also a map of this p50 world . (click upon the map to zoom out). We start visiting the world in the south east corner. When following the paths, you will find a lot of plants and trees , lots of them are sprite models. You can use a high amout of sprite models without having lag problems when you explore the world.

When you go to the north east ,you will also pass along the Minutia Gondola which is a mover that takes you to the mountains covered with snow.

When you continue going the north east corner of the world, you will arrive in the Land of Gulliver.

But there are also teleport signs in the world which bring you directly to a specific attraction.



When you go to the north west , then you will arrive in Calgary 1890s village which looks like a typical town in a Western Cowboy Movie. In the town center there is a railway station, where you have the occassion to make a trip with the train.

When you go to the center of the world, you will arrive in a Desert Area with lots of cactus plants in a landscape of red coloured rocks, which will make you think as if you are somewhere in Arizona or Nevada. When following the paths, you will see rocks falling down in front of you , there is also a cave inside the rocks which will bring you to the Royal British Airfield. And there is also a teleport sign at location 27N 23W which will bring you to Space 2201.


We will go to the west part of the world and go first through the cave and visit the Royal British Airfield. Here you will see a wide airport area where you can see planes flying up and landing again. And you will see jeeps and oldtimers driving around. The airfield with the buildings is an exact copy of a model in the Miniature Museum.

In the neighbourhoud , in the north west , you will find a wooden suspension bridge, where everyone stopped for a group picture.


We return to the desert area at location 27N 23W where we teleport to Space 2201 , a totally different theme with a sky of stars and several meteorites and with space vessels flying around.

Other places to visit : a wooden village at 36S 4E, and in the center near the snowy mountains, at 10N 20E you will find a 1700s-style village with a concert hall..The snowy mountains themselves have some surprises too like e.g. a glacier .

At 44S 37W , there is Old London, where you can visit the Wax museum of Avatars.

At 25N 9E you have a view upon Minutia Falls and upon the entire Calgary village and you can make a blimp ride.

At 19S 31E you will find a huge medieval castle.

On 7N 24W you can experience the Battle of Britain , which is a simulation of aircrafts figthing during their flight. After the battle , at 6N 20W you can also take a parachute and make a panoramic trip above the world Minutia.

There are so many themes and attractions in this world, that in fact there would be needed a lot more than 100 pictures...so explore yourself ....

Some of the visitors : Artist3d, Keshi, Bach Zhaa, Cablecar Gal, Smaug, Maxpoly, Ciena, Panne, Old Kunnel , Earendil , Nono, ....


There have also been released some Youtube videos about Minutia , here are the links:

Explorers Club 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9uylYf2p3E
Kayak ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id8byMdjeOU
Aerial Perspective http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkIX14YR5T4
The enchanted castle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84bR6oIWcnw
Introducing Minutia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcviRoSHfkQ
Thesuvius D-Zone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnwimD-xEN0
Arbor Harvest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WeZ_v3-A1o
Season of the harvest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6XnZymq-RY
Moods of Minutia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic8KQIAFjOs