The explorers Club

17 May - The explorers club hosted by Keshi (#352322) invited us for a visit at TheLostWorld. The world is owned by Polypheme (#360879) who speaks french and who is an aw citizen for a long time. It's a world of wildlife with all kinds of dinosaurs, but there are more things to be discovered : the world consists of several islands, some of which are linked with a "natural" bridge. TheLostWorld is a p30-sized world containing a large variety of landscapes : forests, plateaus , lakes, rivers, beaches, cascades, caves, rocks and even a volcano.

Polypheme has used a wide range of dinosaurs. When using such a wide range of animals, you would expect that there would be some sprite objects (= masked pictures objects rotating towards your avatar), but in TheLostWorld, all dinosaurs are real 3d models.


The world also contains some extreme landscapes : besides the volcano, we will find several natural bridges , caves, and rock peaks. You will also find a nice copy of the Giant's Causeway : this is a natural curiosity situated at the north coast of Ireland, and it's a rock formation consists of thousands of hexagonical-shaped (volcanic) basalt rocks. The Giant's Causeway in TheLostWorld is located on position 15S 8E just next to the volcano.

There are also cascades at 6N 10W and at 21N 31W.

Another special build in this world is a reconstruction of the prehistorical cave of Lascaux. Although it has nothing to do with the dinosaurs, because the carved paintings of Lascaux were created a lot later than the Jurassic era. But both belong to "prehistory". The entry to the Lascaux cave can be found at position 6N 3W facing N. Inside the cave you will see the same carved paintings like you would see in Lascaux.

Another item inside the cave is a fertility statue, which is however a lot more recent than Lascaux, but it still preshistorical.

There is still another cave at position 22N 11W , but this one is a cave used by dinosaurs.

Here we have Polypheme in his world TheLostWorld , all created by himself, but not in a few months . Last year the world was called Lutece and AWTimes did visit then this world and took a lot of pictures of that wonderful world : the pictures on this webpage with a blue sky were taken last year in the world Lutece, the pictures with a yellow and cloudy sky have been made in TheLostWorld. Although the fact that Polypheme has been often in other 3d chat programs, he still remains attached to Activeworlds. For many of us, this world is complete , but often Polypheme is back in his world , and proceeds with some new creations, like this one....

Another curiosity in this world is the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand, which refers to the movie "Planet of the Apes" , which does assume that after mankind, there would be dinosaurs again, instead of apes. In Lutece (2013) the statue was still clearly visible, and now in TheLostWorld (2014) , the statue is covered with plants.

Polypheme does did not only build this world completely by himself, but also most of the models were made by himself : dinosaurs , rocks , and also the hundreds of species of exotic plants : in no other world you will find such a wide variety of plants. Also the new water texture on the beach, the color of the sky and the clouds , the limitation of light when entering the caves, ..everything has been built with perfection.

Another thing which is amazing , and which can't be seen on these pictures , is the use of wonderful sound effects : all around the world you can hear the cries and noises of all the dinosaur creatures, the sound of their footsteps, the sound of streaming water, the sound of thunder, etc...

There were again a lot of visitors at this Explorers Club event : Keshi, Astroh, OzySeo, Dvdhers, Smaug, Toxor, CableCarGal, Panne, Charles, Albert1, MelodyWasp, KennyMcc, Starheart, BlueRidgeBoy, Arsene, Bach Zhaa, James , RichieG, Zanna, Catwoman, MatthewW , and John22

There is also a video on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmnfH9h9bIg