The explorers Club

22 february - The Explorers Club did visit the world Alaska . This world is owned by Nattie (#356233) and Thunder Jack (#356351) .

The world is dark and grey just like Alaska is during a large part of the year. The pictures for this explorers club event have been brightened up a little bit..... While exploring this world , you will see objects and landscapes which make your really feel like being in Alaska..

By using high polygon objects You will notice that the world is running rather slow. This is not only because of the trees, but rather because of the log houses : instead of using a flat wall ,here they use logs are used for all houses , and for each log there are more polygons needed than for an entire wall. So if you want to have a panoramic view in this world, you can put a higher visibility, but it's better to lower the visibility when flying around.

The world Alaska is a p50 world (although the landscape itself reaches further) , and the world is divided by a river into 2 parts . You will find most buildings on the north side of this river . In the south part of the river, you will find a Ski Lodge.

You will find animals that you will probably see if you would go to Alaska : bears, raindeers, deers , woolves, huskys,...

The landcape is also like you expect to see : snow everywhere, pine trees , bare trees , mountains , rivers, all houses are made of logs. You can see the smoke coming out of the chimneys , Alaska isn't a warm and exotic place, but inside those log houses it is pretty comfortable.

As you continue to explore the world , you will see some of the activities in Alaska : you will find an industrial saw mill , used for making all these log houses : the logs are first transported on the water , then lifted by a crane and transported on a conveyer to the sawmill. Then the final product is loaded upon the trucks.

As everything in Alaska is at large distance, hydroplanes are very useful here.


In the south area of the world Alaska, you will find the Northern Lights Ski Lodge. Inside most of the logs, you will find pictures about those northern lights or auroras, and a lot of pictures of huskeys as well.

Inside these log houses, you will learn more about everyday life and leasure time in Alaska : you will find materials for fishing,skiing, and hunting , there are bands playing music,etc.

There is also a log cabin which pictures of Nattie (#356233) and Thunder Jack (#356351) and their friends. One of their friends is Nitecap , who recently has passed away.